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The Picts (U02507)

? Credit Points : 40  ? SCQF Level : 10  ? Acronym : HCL-4-PICT

The principal objective of the course will be to explore the many historiographical challenges that characterise Pictish Studies. Particular aims will be understanding the different methodologies that may be brought to bear upon the surviving evidence pertaining to the Pictish peoples, subjecting assumptions and scholarly models to critical scrutiny, and assessing such concepts as ethnicity and culture within this particular context. In keeping with the nature of the 4MA course, student handling of primary evidence will be maximised, including literary sources (read in translation), material art historical/artefactual evidence, and a certain amount of linguistics. The field has experienced an uncommonly high level of scholarly attention in recent years, and the course content will endeavour at all times to remain as close to the cutting edge of current research as possible.

Entry Requirements

? This course is not available to visting students.

? Pre-requisites : A pass in a third level historical course or equivalent.

Subject Areas

Delivery Information

? Normal year taken : 4th year

? Delivery Period : Full Year (Blocks 1-4)

? Contact Teaching Time : 2 hour(s) per week for 22 weeks

First Class Information

Date Start End Room Area Additional Information
02/10/2006 11:10 13:00

All of the following classes

Type Day Start End Area
Lecture Tuesday 11:10 13:00 Central

Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students will have acquired considerable experience of evaluating critically different types of primary source material and current scholarly literature in the light of new research. They will have reflected upon different strategies and methodologies that may be employed in interpreting such evidence, and will have been encouraged to think outside the traditional boundaries of historical study to consider the support available from other disciplines. In so doing, they will have developed a practical awareness of the complex nature of 'Dark Age' studies and the historical societies under investigation. In addition, through presentations and seminar discussion, students will have further developed their skills in presenting and defending their ideas and findings in a critical environment.

Assessment Information

In most cases students will submit two individual essays of 5000 words each, to be handed in on the last Monday of the Autumn Semester and the last Monday of the Spring Semester. Students will also sit two two-hour Degree Examinations in the May diet: one of these will require comment on extracts from primary texts; the other will require three answers in essay style. Two final marks will be reported: each mark will be composed of an essay mark, weighted at 33% of the final mark and an exam paper, weighted at 67% of the final mark. The Course Organiser will keep regular consultation hours; individual interviews/tutorials will be made available to students as required. The external examiner of Scottish History will include this course in their responsibilities.

Exam times

Diet Diet Month Paper Code Paper Name Length
1ST May 1 Paper 1 2 hour(s)
1ST May 2 Paper 2 2 hour(s)

Contact and Further Information

The Course Secretary should be the first point of contact for all enquiries.

Course Secretary

Mrs Jan Goulding
Tel : (0131 6)50 4030
Email :

Course Organiser

Dr James Fraser
Tel : (0131 6)50 3624
Email :

School Website :

College Website :

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