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The Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study has been formulated as a dynamic online publication in order to provide the most up to date information possible. Master versions of the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study incorporating all changes to date are archived twice a year on 1 September and within the first three University working days prior to the start of Semester 2 in January. Please note that some of the data recorded about this course has been amended since the last master version was archived. That version should be consulted to determine the changes made.

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Real-Time Performance Strategies and Design (P01182)

? Credit Points : 20  ? SCQF Level : 11  ? Acronym : ACE-P-RTPSD

Functioning as the students' main introduction to the Max/MSP real-time
computer music environment, this course will provide a detailed overview of the
capabilities and potential of this system as well as insights into effective
real-time music programming in general. Apart from learning the skills and
gaining the basic knowledge necessary to effective work with Max/MSP, the
students will be encouraged to think creatively and solve the problems inherent
in realising a musical project from the very inkling of an idea right through
to its implementation and performance. In particular, an approach of problem
analysis, division into modules, and eventual solution will be encouraged that
results in good programming practice.

In addition, classic and current synthesis and signal processing algorithms
will be introduced along with methods to implement and combine them. Always
taking a practical approach, the aims of the course will lead to the students'
harnessing of the various technologies in a well planned, coordinated, and
executed performance environment.

Entry Requirements

? Costs : Blank CDs, tapes as required

Subject Areas

Delivery Information

? Normal year taken : Postgraduate

? Delivery Period : Block 2 only

? Contact Teaching Time : 2 hour(s) per week for 5 weeks

Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes

* An ability to turn performance goals into well-structured, functioning performance programmes

* A good proficiency in programming within the Max/MSP environment

* An overview of some of the synthesis and signal processing
procedures that may be applied in real time

* A feel for interface design and how best to efficiently interact
with the computer during performance

* An awareness of the way in which computer music technology works at a basic level and how best to work with it

Assessment Information

Two projects will be submitted, one half-way through the course, the
other at the end. Each will be worth 50\%. Both are to be completed
on an individual basis, i.e. no collaboration is permitted.

Project 1: a fairly specific Max/MSP programming brief determined by
the course organiser and involving real-time synthesis and/or signal

Project 2: a project determined by the student's own interests but
relating to the subject matter of the course and agreed with the
course organiser in advance. The project should result in a short
performance using a Max/MSP programme of the student's own design.

Contact and Further Information

The Course Secretary should be the first point of contact for all enquiries.

Course Secretary

Mr Scott Walker
Tel : (0131 6)50 2423
Email :

Course Organiser

Dr Michael Edwards
Tel : (0131 6)50 2431
Email :

School Website :

College Website :

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