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The Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study has been formulated as a dynamic online publication in order to provide the most up to date information possible. Master versions of the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study incorporating all changes to date are archived twice a year on 1 September and within the first three University working days prior to the start of Semester 2 in January. Please note that some of the data recorded about this course has been amended since the last master version was archived. That version should be consulted to determine the changes made.

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Celtic Literature 2B (U01979)

? Credit Points : 20  ? SCQF Level : 8  ? Acronym : LLC-2-U01979

The course provides an introduction to selected genres of Celtic literature from the early modern and modern periods, and an understanding of the social and historical background that gave rise to the texts studied. Two strands make up the course, one dealing with the Scottish Gaelic tradition and the other looking at Early Modern and Modern Irish literature. English translations are used throughout the course, and no knowledge of the original Celtic languages is required. The course is aimed at students who have successfully completed Celtic Civilisation 1A and 1B, as well as Celtic Literature 2A, but it is also open to anyone who has taken a course in a literary or historical or similar subject at University level and wishes to explore the Celtic tradition. The course does not aim to provide a comprehensive survey of the two literatures studied, but rather to examine in greater depth certain periods or themes or genres which are characteristic of the tradition, which offer cross-cultural comparisons within the Celtic world, and which are amenable to study through translation and without abstruse technical knowledge. For history students, the course offers insight into the nature and working of the two literary traditions; for literature students, enhanced understanding of the social and political background to the selected parts of Scottish Gaelic and Early Modern and Modern Irish literature; for students of Celtic Studies, the opportunity to range widely in the early modern and modern fields in advance of Honours course choices and the more intensive but narrower language-based study of the Honours classes. Each thematic component consists of an equal number of lecture-based and discussion-based classes. Combined with Celtic Literature 2A, the course offers the opportunity to progress to the Honours programme of Medieval Celtic Studies.

Entry Requirements

? Pre-requisites : Celtic Civilisation 1A and/or 1B (or a suitable Literature or History course); normally Celtic Literature 2A.

? Costs : Course materials.

Subject Areas

Delivery Information

? Normal year taken : 2nd year

? Delivery Period : Semester 2 (Blocks 3-4)

? Contact Teaching Time : 4 hour(s) per week for 11 weeks

First Class Information

Date Start End Room Area Additional Information
07/01/2008 10:00 11:00 Room G.22, 16-20 George Square Central

All of the following classes

Type Day Start End Area
Lecture Monday 10:00 10:50 Central
Lecture Tuesday 10:00 10:50 Central
Lecture Thursday 10:00 10:50 Central
Lecture Friday 10:00 10:50 Central

Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes

The Intended Learning Outcomes are the development of a sound knowledge of the characteristics of a selection of key genres of Scottish Gaelic and Early Modern and Modern Irish literature. Students will develop an understanding of the significance of the texts in the context of the time of their origin, and of the role of the purveyors of literature in the context of both society and historical environment. Students will be able to evaluate the value of the material as literature, drawing on scholarly evaluation as well as detailed study of the primary texts. The course will be taught through the medium of English.

Assessment Information

Two essays (2,000-2,500 words each): 50% (25% + 25%)
Degree Examination (2 hours): 50%

Exam times

Diet Diet Month Paper Code Paper Name Length
1ST May 1 - 2 hour(s)
2ND August 1 - 2 hour(s)

Contact and Further Information

The Course Secretary should be the first point of contact for all enquiries.

Course Secretary

Miss Christina Arja Strauch
Tel : (0131 6)50 3622
Email :

Course Organiser

Dr A Gunderloch
Tel : (0131 6)51 1374
Email :

Course Website :

School Website :

College Website :

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