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Physical Education Curriculum & Pedagogy 2 (U04628)

? Credit Points : 40  ? SCQF Level : 8  ? Acronym : EDU-2-PEC&P 2

This course will focus on developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the physical education curriculum for the upper primary and early secondary years. The course will build on discourses in the current professional, academic and research literature and will be set within a developmental, inclusive and connected framework to enable exploration of links to wider lifelong learning agendas. Traditional and contemporary curricular developments will be examined, alongside current perspectives on learning and teaching in physical education. Theoretical and practical knowledge required for core learning in physical education will be pursued within authentic practical applications in order to support students planning, delivery and evaluation of developmentally appropriate learning experiences for upper primary and early secondary children.

Entry Requirements

? This course is not available to visiting students.

Subject Areas

Delivery Information

? Normal year taken : 2nd year

? Delivery Period : Full Year (Blocks 1-4)

? Contact Teaching Time : 4 hour(s) per week for 22 weeks

Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to

Demonstrate understanding of the key theories underpinning lifelong learning in physical education, with particular reference to the 9-14 age range.

Develop a detailed and critical understanding of traditional and contemporary developments within physical education in the upper primary and early years of secondary schooling.

Apply contemporary theories of children's learning and teaching in physical education through the planning, delivery and critical evaluation of a developmentally appropriate physical education programmes.

Extend student understanding and skills of assessment in aspects of physical education in the 9-14 age range.

Undertake reflective study that integrates theory, research and practice in primary and secondary physical education.

Assessment Information

Students will be assessed on the University-based element and the School Experience element of the course.

University-based Assignment (50% of total grade for course)

A 2,000 word assignment in which students will reflect on contemporary pedagogy approaches in relation to curerent upper primary and early secondary curriculum developments.

School Placement Experience Assignment (50% of otal grade for course)

A 2,000 word evaluative report based on their school placement experiences from which students will identify key development needs for their Personal Professional Learning Portfolio.

Contact and Further Information

The Course Secretary should be the first point of contact for all enquiries.

Course Secretary

Mrs Sarah O'Flynn
Tel : (0131 6)51 6570
Email : sarah.o'

Course Organiser

Mr Andrew Horrell
Email :

School Website :

College Website :

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