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Postgraduate Course: Supporting Pupils in Groups (EDUA11234)

Course Outline
SchoolMoray House School of Education CollegeCollege of Humanities and Social Science
Course typeStandard AvailabilityAvailable to all students
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 11 (Postgraduate) Credits20
Home subject areaEducation Other subject areaNone
Course website None Taught in Gaelic?No
Course descriptionThis course will examine perspectives on schools as social organisations and the experiences of pupils within this. This will be explored through examination of areas such as bullying, gender differences, resilience and the role of the curriculum. The course will also address the key issue of the purpose of education and specifically of the role of schools in the area of values education.
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Additional Costs None
Information for Visiting Students
Displayed in Visiting Students Prospectus?No
Course Delivery Information
Not being delivered
Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes
1. Analysed the role of the organisation of the school in the construction of problem behaviour;
2. Explored theories related to personal and social development;
3. Developed awareness of a range of issues around 'values education';
4. Critically examined the notion of citizenship education
5. Critically examined approaches to prevention of and responses to bullying
6. Analysed the role of the curriculum in the development of 'problem behaviour' and possible adaptations to the curriculum.
7. Demonstrated a critical awareness of learning and teaching approaches within Pupil Support
8. Discussed relevant research findings and research methods used in relation to pupil deviance, gender, alternative curriculum and bullying
Assessment Information
4,000 word assignment, 100%
Special Arrangements
Additional Information
Academic description Not entered
Syllabus Indicative Content Areas of concern will include:
o History of Guidance provision in Scotland,
o Key policy documents relevant to the field
o Different models of Pupil Support/ Guidance

o Structuralist and interactionist accounts of schools as social institutions, and implications of these for the experiences of pupils in schools.
o The purpose of schooling in relation to 'values'
o Tensions/issues in PSE and Guidance
o Bullying - prevention and response
o Gender and disruption
o The curriculum as both cause and response to disaffection

Transferable skills Not entered
Reading list Buchanan, A & Hudson,B (eds) (2000) Promoting Children's Emotional Well-being Oxford: Oxford University Press
Furlong, V. J. (1985) The Deviant Pupil: Sociological Perspectives, Milton Keynes, OUP. (now out of print but well worth tracking down a second hand copy - e.g. on Amazon)
HMIE (2004) Personal Support for Pupils in Scottish Schools
Kane, J., Head, G. and Cogan, N. (2004) Towards Inclusion? Models of Behaviour support in secondary schools in one education authority in Scotland, British Journal of Special Education, Vol. 31, No. 2.
Lloyd, G. (2005) (ed.) Problem Girls: Understanding and Supporting Troubled and Troublesome Girls and Young Women, London, RoutledgeFalmer.
McCluskey, G. (2005) What does discipline mean in schools now? Scottish Educational Review, November 2005
McGuiness, J.B. (1989) A Whole School Approach to Pastoral Care. Kogan Page.
Munn, P., Johnstone, M. and Sharpe, S. (2005) Discipline in Scottish Schools, SEED.
Scottish Executive (2004) Protecting Children and Young People: Framework for Standards.
O'Brien, J. and Macleod, G. (2009) The Social Agenda of Schooling, Edinburgh, Dunedin Academic Press.
Scottish Executive (2004) Happy, Safe and Achieving their Potential; a standard of support for children and young people in Scottish schools
Scottish Executive (2001) Better Behaviour, Better Learning
SCRE (2004) Supporting Pupils: study of Guidance and Pupil Support in Scottish schools
Weare, K 2004 Developing the Emotionally Literate school. London: Paul Chapman
Study Abroad Not entered
Study Pattern Not entered
KeywordsNot entered
Course organiserDr Gale Macleod
Tel: (0131 6)51 6448
Course secretaryMrs Susan Scott
Tel: (0131 6)51 6573
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