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Postgraduate Course: Teaching and learning within and beyond the disciplines (EDUA11269)

Course Outline
SchoolMoray House School of Education CollegeCollege of Humanities and Social Science
Course typeStandard AvailabilityNot available to visiting students
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 11 (Postgraduate) Credits10
Home subject areaEducation Other subject areaNone
Course website None Taught in Gaelic?No
Course descriptionThis course considers differences and commonalities across different subject areas with respect to the concepts, research skills, thinking processes and attitudes to be learned as well as how these might best be taught and assessed.

A question that will concern us in this course is how we might best support students in becoming participants in our disciplinary knowledge communities.

The course provides you with the opportunity to critically engage with the research literature on teaching and learning within the disciplines and explore the extent to which discipline matters in teaching, learning and assessment. At the same time you will be encouraged to critically reflect on the traditions (or 'teaching and learning regimes') as they have evolved in your departmental contexts and explore whether present teaching and assessment practices could be usefully enriched by sharing and trading of these across disciplinary boundaries.

A further important theme of the course is the need for 'interdisciplinarity' and 'transdisciplinary' (next to discipline-specific) skills, knowledge and indeed attitudes in a world characterised by many as one of growing uncertainty and complexity. You will be encouraged to debate how you, through your own subject areas and the specific courses you teach, could make a contribution to students developing complex graduate attributes (and the extent to which these can be considered 'generic').

Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Students MUST NOT also be taking The Disciplinary Dimension of Teaching (EDUA11182)
Other requirements None
Additional Costs None
Course Delivery Information
Delivery period: 2013/14 Full Year, Not available to visiting students (SS1) Learn enabled:  No Quota:  None
Web Timetable Web Timetable
Course Start Date 16/09/2013
Breakdown of Learning and Teaching activities (Further Info) Total Hours: 100 ( Lecture Hours 14, Online Activities 1, Feedback/Feedforward Hours 8, Other Study Hours 1, Programme Level Learning and Teaching Hours 2, Directed Learning and Independent Learning Hours 74 )
Additional Notes
Breakdown of Assessment Methods (Further Info) Written Exam 0 %, Coursework 100 %, Practical Exam 0 %
No Exam Information
Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes
On completion of the course you will be able to:

- Identify what is distinctive about your subject areas and critically analyse the implications of this distinctiveness for teaching, learning and assessment
- Develop a critical understanding of what can be learned about teaching, learning and assessment from other disciplines
- Critically examine what is involved in helping students, of diverse aspirations and backgrounds, participate in our disciplinary discourse and knowledge communities and identify concrete ways of supporting them in this process
- Critically examine the tension between discipline-specific learning outcomes and the ever growing need for transdisciplinarity
- Consider the diverse needs of today's undergraduate students and develop creative responses to the question of how complex learning outcomes associated with overarching aims such as preparing students for work, lifelong learning, or citizenship could be promoted through undergraduate teaching in your subject area
Assessment Information
You are expected to write an essay (2000-2500 words) that critically examines the claims made in a selected book or article with regards to teaching, learning and assessment in your own discipline and discuss the implications of these claims for your own practice. A list of books and journals to choose from are provided at the end of this document.

You are expected to demonstrate a critical understanding of concepts dealing with the distinctiveness of the disciplines with regards to teaching, learning and assessment practices.
Specifically, you should

1) identify the claims a particular text makes with regards to teaching, learning and assessment in your own discipline,
2) demonstrate reflection on the traditions that have evolved in your own departmental contexts and explore whether present practices are compatible with the claims identified in the text.
3.) explore whether present practices and students' learning experiences could be usefully enriched by sharing and trading of practices across disciplinary boundaries.

Special Arrangements
Additional Information
Academic description Not entered
Syllabus Not entered
Transferable skills Not entered
Reading list Not entered
Study Abroad Not entered
Study Pattern Not entered
KeywordsNot entered
Course organiserProf Carolin Kreber
Tel: (0131 6)51 6668
Course secretaryMiss Emily Salvesen
Tel: (0131 6)51 6661
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