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Degree Programme Table: Commercial Law (LLM) (Full-time) (PTLLMCOMLA1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2013/14, Starting month: September

This DPT has 1 compulsory course(s).

Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
LAWS11070 Dissertation LLM Commercial Law As available 60

This DPT has 3 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

Overarching rule collection group: A  
Select exactly 120 credits from these collections:  

Select a minimum of 80 credits and maximum of 120 credits from the following list of courses, as available
Code   Course Name   Credits
LAWS11101    Contract Law in Europe   40  
LAWS11016    Company Law   40  
LAWS11123    Principles of International Tax Law   20  
LAWS11188    Data Protection and Information Privacy   20  
LAWS11203    Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law   20  
LAWS11190    International Private Law: Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgments   20  
LAWS11201    Principles of Insurance Law   20  
LAWS11207    International Commercial Arbitration (one semester)   20  
LAWS11216    EU Competition Law   40  
LAWS11229    Delict and Tort   20  
ECNM11036    Economics for Postgraduates   20  
LAWS11285    Regulation of international Finance: the Law, the Economics, the Politics   40  
LAWS11286    European Law of Capital Markets   20  
LAWS11294    European Labour Law   20  
LAWS11312    Willem Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (LLM)   40  
LAWS11298    The law relating to debt   20  
LAWS11297    Insolvency Law   20  
LAWS11124    Principles of European Tax Law   20  
LAWS11322    Practice of International Banking and the Law   40  
LAWS11321    Practice of Corporate Finance and the Law   40  


Select a minimum of 0 credits and maximum of 40 credits from the following list of courses, as available
Code   Course Name   Credits
LAWS11021    International and European Human Rights Law   40  
LAWS11024    Fundamental Issues in International Law   40  
LAWS11028    International Criminal Law   40  
LAWS11030    International Environmental Law   40  
LAWS11041    Criminal Justice and Penal Process   20  
LAWS11043    Cybercrime   20  
LAWS11046    Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice   20  
LAWS11047    Police and Policing   20  
LAWS11058    Theoretical Criminology   20  
LAWS11074    Criminological Research Methods   20  
LAWS11100    Media and Crime   20  
LAWS11104    Theories and Philosophies of Legal Research   20  
LAWS11111    EU Criminal Law   20  
LAWS11113    Regulatory Governance in the European Union   20  
LAWS11114    Mental Health and Crime   20  
LAWS11119    Law and the Enlightenment   20  
LAWS11122    Traditions of Legal Inquiry   20  
LAWS11125    Intellectual Property Law 1: Copyright and Related Rights   20  
LAWS11129    Intellectual Property Law 2: Industrial Property   20  
LAWS11131    International Investment Law   20  
LAWS11132    International Law of the Sea   20  
LAWS11136    Law of E-Commerce   20  
LAWS11137    The legal challenges of information technologies   20  
LAWS11142    International Intellectual Property System   20  
LAWS11151    EU Constitutional Law   20  
LAWS11202    Intellectual Property - Law and Society   20  
LAWS11208    European Environmental Law   20  
LAWS11214    The Anatomy of Public Law   20  
LAWS11215    Penal Politics   20  
LAWS11217    Principles of Internal Market Law   20  
LAWS11221    Inter-state Conflict and Humanitarian Law   20  
LAWS11222    The Anatomy of Private Law   20  
LAWS11231    Surveillance and Security   20  
LAWS11237    Regulation of Innovation: Advanced Issues in Competition and Intellectual Property Law   20  
LAWS11238    Principles of Competition Law for Innovation   20  
LAWS11240    Comparative Property Law   20  
LAWS11241    History and Theory of International Law   20  
LAWS11242    EU External Economics Relations Law   20  
LAWS11243    Comparative and International Trust law   20  
LAWS11244    EU and National Climate Change Law   20  
LAWS11245    International Climate Change Law   20  
LAWS11246    Information: Control and Power   20  
LAWS11264    Sexual Offending and the Law   20  
LAWS11265    Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Law   20  
LAWS11266    Criminalisation   20  
LAWS11267    WTO Law   40  
LAWS11283    Comparative Corporate Governance   20  
LAWS11284    Corporation Law and Economics   20  
LAWS11288    Risk Society & Regulatory Frameworks   20  
LAWS11290    The Canon Law of Marriage in Scotland: 1500 - 2006   20  
LAWS11292    Global Crime and Insecurity   20  
LAWS11293    Responding to Global Crime and Insecurity   20  
LAWS11299    Organised Crime and the Law   20  
LAWS11309    The Anatomy of Civil Law   20  
LAWS11311    Communications, networks, and the law   20  
LAWS11318    Human Rights and Conflict Resolution   20  
LAWS11319    Diplomatic Law   20  
LAWS11261    Managing Intellectual Property   20  
LAWS11320    Unjustified Enrichment and Restitution   20  


Select a minimum of 0 credits and maximum of 20 credits from Level 11 courses in Schedules A to Q, T and W, as available

Notes:Please note that a course from this collection can only be taken with the approval of the Programme Director.

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