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Degree Programme Table: Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition (MSc) (Full-time) (PTMSCMLAEC1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2013/14, Starting month: September

  • Notes: Students should be aware that not all optional courses will necessarily be available in any given year. The Programme Director must approve choice of courses.

    Students with no previous experience of philosophy will be required to take the Introduction to Philosophical Methods course in semester 1 and 60 credits of option courses. Students with a background in philosophy may be exempted from taking Introduction to Philosophical Method with the agreement of the Programme Director, and will take 80 credits of option courses.

    This DPT has 4 compulsory course(s).

    Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
    PHIL11008 Introduction to Philosophical Method Semester 1 20
    PHIL11037 Introduction to Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition Semester 1 20
    PHIL11038 Advanced topics in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition Semester 2 20
    PHIL11104 Dissertation Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition (MSc Dip) As available 60

    This DPT has 1 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

    Select exactly 60 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    PHIL11089    Philosophy of Psychology MSc   20  
    PSYL11005    Concepts and Categorisation   10  
    LASC11015    Psychology of Language Learning   10  
    LASC11006    Foundations of Evolution   10  
    MUSI11024    Music, Mind and Body A: Physiology and Neuroscience   20  
    INFR11036    Computational Cognitive Neuroscience   10  
    PHIL11021    Theories of Mind (Philosophy MSc)   20  
    PHIL11009    Advanced Philosophical Method   20  
    PSYL11064    Critical Social Psychology   20  
    PHIL11113    Mind and Body in Early Modern Philosophy   20  
    LASC11112    Origins and Evolution of Language   20  
    PHIL11111    Social Cognition MSc   20  
    INFR11086    Topics in Cognitive Modelling (Level 11)   10  
    PHIL11115    The Computational Mind MSc   20  
    PHIL11121    Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Science MSc   20  
    PPLS11004    Cognition, Culture and Context   10  
    PPLS11002    Human Cognition: Science and Application to Society   10  
    PSYL11059    Brain Imaging in Neuropsychology   20  
    PSYL11073    Language Behaviours, Brains and Cognition: Principles and Approaches   10  
    PSYL11074    Language Behaviours, Brains and Cognition: Data and Theories   10  
    PSYL11025    Working memory in healthy and the damaged brain   10  
    PSYL11047    Mind, Body and Consciousness (MSc)   10  
    LASC11013    First Language Acquisition   20  
    INFR11048    Principles of Neuroscience   40  
    INFR11008    Neural Computation   10  
    INFR11087    Information Theory   10  
    INFR11059    Advanced Natural Language Processing   20  
    PHIL11083    Philosophical Issues in Evolution MSc   20  
    PHIL11122    The Early Continentals: Hegel and Nietzsche MSc   20  
    PHIL11068    The Nature of Moral Understanding MSc   20  
    PSYL11071    Consciousness and Perceptual Awareness   10  
    PSYL11023    Current Topics in Psychological Research   10  
    PSYL11029    Disorders of language functions   10  
    PSYL11028    Frontal lobe functions   10  
    PSYL11069    Human Cognitive Abilities (MSc)   10  
    PSYL11066    Multisensory Integration   10  
    LASC11073    Current Issues in Language Evolution   10  
    LASC11038    Psycholinguistics   20  
    LASC11014    Second Language Acquisition   20  
    LASC11113    Simulating Language   20  
    INFR11010    Reinforcement Learning   10  
    INFR11035    Neural Information Processing   10  
    INFR11042    Neuroinformatics Research   20  
    INFR11073    Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition (Level 11)   10  
    INFR11090    Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous Agents   10  
    INFR11037    Computational Neuroscience of Vision   10  
    INFR11031    Advanced Vision (Level 11)   10  
    PHIL11022    Philosophy of Language   20  

    Notes:Students are usually allowed to substitute 40 option credits for other courses from
    School Collection A/I/O at level 11 with the agreement of the Programme Director.


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