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Undergraduate Course: Healthy Communities 1 (NUST08016)

Course Outline
SchoolSchool of Health in Social Science CollegeCollege of Humanities and Social Science
Course typeStandard AvailabilityAvailable to all students
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 8 (Year 1 Undergraduate) Credits20
Home subject areaNursing Studies Other subject areaNone
Course website None Taught in Gaelic?No
Course descriptionThis core course for the Bachelor of Nursing with Honours programme enables interdisciplinary learning with students undertaking other health or social care programmes within the University. Through a series of lectures and tutorials students will learn about the health of the individual within the family and community context whilst gaining an appreciation of wider societal influences.

The course content will see students being introduced to the social determinants of health and the drivers of policy in health and social care. This will allow them to examine the impact such determinants and drivers have on the health and wellbeing of individuals and families in communities. The theoretical concepts of individual, family and community needs assessment, health protection and promotion will be identified, as will an appreciation of promoting the practice of self-care within diverse groups. To support students with the practice placement relating to the course and working with individuals, families and communities, the principles of communication and reflection will be introduced.

Students on the Bachelor of Nursing with Honours programme will undertake work based learning within a community practice setting. The set learning outcomes will take cognisance of the underlying principles of a competency based approach to nurse education, making explicit how each domain of nursing, underpinned by theory, is essential to professional nursing practice. This work based learning will be assessed by registered nurses.
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Additional Costs None
Information for Visiting Students
Displayed in Visiting Students Prospectus?No
Course Delivery Information
Delivery period: 2013/14 Semester 1, Available to all students (SV1) Learn enabled:  Yes Quota:  48
Web Timetable Web Timetable
Course Start Date 16/09/2013
Breakdown of Learning and Teaching activities (Further Info) Total Hours: 200 ( Lecture Hours 22, Seminar/Tutorial Hours 5, Supervised Practical/Workshop/Studio Hours 2, Programme Level Learning and Teaching Hours 4, Placement Study Abroad Hours 156, Directed Learning and Independent Learning Hours 11 )
Additional Notes
Breakdown of Assessment Methods (Further Info) Written Exam 0 %, Coursework 100 %, Practical Exam 0 %
No Exam Information
Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes
* Understand the different concepts of health
* Know the social determinants of health and how they impact on the individual, family and communities
* Be aware of the social, economic and political factors influencing health and social care
* Be able to outline global, UK and Scottish health and social care policies
* Understand how health and social care systems are organised
* Identify the changing picture of the health of individuals, families and communities and what are driving these changes
* Understand the important role health and social care practitioners have in promoting health and wellbeing of the individual, family and the community
* Identify the role health and social care professionals have in promoting self-care and enablement in communities to maintain the health and wellbeing of individuals
* Begin to develop reflective skills
* Begin to understand the principles of effective communication
* Be knowledgeable about the role antenatal education plays in supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of the child bearing women and the unborn infant
* Be aware of postnatal care, assessments and screening completed with mothers, infants and family giving consideration to complex factors that influence a mother¿s choice when caring for her children
* Understand the importance maternal mental health and wellbeing has on bonding and attachment and the influence this has on the physical growth and emotional development of children and the impact this has into adulthood
* Understand the role of Health and Social Care practitioner in safeguarding children.
* Be aware of the policies that guide multi-agency child protection practices
* Understand the role of the Health and Social Care practitioner in adult support and protection and have an awareness of the policies that guide this role
Assessment Information
Students are expected to complete two Course Papers. The first will be a 1,000 word formative essay with the second being confined to within 3,000 - 3,500 words to summatively assess the students' understanding of the courses theoretical content.
Special Arrangements
Additional Information
Academic description Not entered
Syllabus Not entered
Transferable skills Not entered
Reading list Not entered
Study Abroad Not entered
Study Pattern Not entered
KeywordsNot entered
Course organiserMrs Sarah Rhynas
Tel: (0131 6)50 3882
Course secretaryMiss Kirsty Gardner
Tel: (0131 6)50 3889
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