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Postgraduate Course: Learning for Practice (PG) 1 (PGSP11036)

Course Outline
SchoolSchool of Social and Political Science CollegeCollege of Humanities and Social Science
Course typeDissertation AvailabilityAvailable to all students
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 11 (Postgraduate) Credits80
Home subject areaPostgrad (School of Social and Political Studies) Other subject areaNone
Course website None Taught in Gaelic?No
Course descriptionThis course is designed to enable students to prepare systematically for work in practice by linking the studies in Social Work in Context with a short period (15 days) based in a service delivery setting.
Students will have opportunity to observe the structures in which services are delivered and will work to a curriculum of study requiring exploration of the legal context, practice guidelines and the interagency focus for service delivery. They will also observe a social worker in action.

Skill Development and preparation for practice
This element of the course will focus on the development of communication and interpersonal skills and will consider a variety models/methods of intervention in social work.

Practicum 1
A practicum of 65 days will provide students with opportunity for direct supervised practice in an agency providing social work services supported by a Practice Teacher appointed by the agency to teach and assess the student. Practice will be in a broad range of settings ensuring that skill development and the integration of knowledge in informing practice is the focus for learning.
The opportunity for service users to give feedback on their experience of receiving help from the student will be incorporated in the practice learning model. Students will be encouraged to learn from a range of professionals in other fields and to begin to understand the importance of working together. The student will be supported by the involvement of a university tutor.
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Additional Costs None
Information for Visiting Students
Displayed in Visiting Students Prospectus?Yes
Course Delivery Information
Not being delivered
Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes
On completion of the course students should have had opportunity to learn about, and gain experience in, the following : -
prepare for, and work with, individuals, families, carers, groups and communities to assess their needs and circumstances;
plan, carry out, review and evaluate social work practice with individuals, families, carers, groups, communities and other professionals and;
assess and manage risk to individuals, families, carers, groups, communities, self and colleagues.

Students will also be expected to demonstrate understanding of:
The importance of inter-personal factors in delivering effective social work services;
Approaches and methods of intervention in a range of community-based settings including group care;
The nature and characteristics of effective direct and indirect practice skills, with a range of people who use services and in a variety of settings including group care;
Models and methods of assessment in different practice;
The nature of crisis and how it is different from related ideas such as emergency;
Factors influencing the selection and testing of relevant information, especially if is collected within tight timescales;
Factors influencing the effectiveness of conflict resolution in different settings;
The nature and characteristics of decision-making in a variety of settings.
Self in relation to social work practice;
Values and social work practice;
Anti-discriminatory ways of working

With support students will have worked directly with service users, have communicated in a professional way and have analysed the needs presented and contributed to assessment and service provision.
Assessment Information
1. Integrative Assignment (6,000 words): representing 100% of the recorded mark for this course and reflecting the learning outcomes for the course & the achievement of practice competence in the practicum .
2. Assessment of supervised practice in a service delivery context. This will consist of a report from the Practice Teacher, with responsibility for the practicum, giving a clear pass / fail recommendation.
Students must pass the practicum to achieve an overall pass in Learning for Practice 1.
Special Arrangements
Additional Information
Academic description Not entered
Syllabus Not entered
Transferable skills Not entered
Reading list Not entered
Study Abroad Not entered
Study Pattern Not entered
KeywordsNot entered
Course organiserMs Ruth Forbes
Tel: (0131 6)51 1485
Course secretaryMrs Jane Marshall
Tel: (0131 6)50 3912
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