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Degree Programme Table: Contemporary History (MSc) (Full-time) (PTMSCCOHIS1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2013/14, Starting month: September

  • Notes: Courses will run in either Semester 1 OR Semester 2, subject to staffing availability. The range of option courses available may vary. Students complete six courses, normally three per Semester, and the MSc Dissertation.

    This DPT has 4 compulsory course(s).

    Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
    PGHC11334 Historical Research: Skills and Sources As available 20
    PGHC11335 Historical Methodology As available 20
    PGHC11374 Dissertation, Taught MSc in Contemporary History As available 60
    PGHC11362 Introduction to Contemporary History As available 20

    This DPT has 1 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

    Select exactly 60 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    PGHC11111    Contemporary Scotland   20  
    PGHC11153    The British at War, 1939-1945   20  
    PGHC11155    Exploitation, Expulsions, Extermination   20  
    PGHC11156    Home Fronts: Belligerents (excluding Britain) and Neutrals   20  
    PGHC11158    Unionism in Ireland and Britain, c. 1800-2000   20  
    PGHC11159    Themes in Modern British and Irish Historiography   20  
    PGHC11160    Anglo-Spanish Relations, 1936-1950   20  
    PGHC11190    Conservatism in the United States, c.1930-c.1990   20  
    PGHC11192    The Civil Rights Movement   20  
    PGHC11218    Armed Struggle: The Northern Ireland Troubles and their Origins   20  
    PGHC11235    Cinema and Society in Britain   20  
    PGHC11250    Gender, Crime and Deviancy: Britain c. 1860-1960   20  
    PGHC11272    Themes in African Social History   20  
    PGHC11273    The United States and the Vietnam War: Origins and Repercussions   20  
    PGHC11274    The Sixties in the United States   20  
    PGHC11298    Ethnicity, Class and Power in 20th Century Africa   20  
    PGHC11341    The United States and the Cold War   20  
    PGHC11339    War and Identities in Twentieth Century Britain and Ireland   20  
    PGHC11330    The Politics of Historiography in Post-Colonial South Asia   20  
    PGHC11332    History as Romance, Profession, Critique: Theory and Scholarship in the West, 1835 to 1985   20  
    PGHC11361    Topics in post-1945 European History   20  
    PGHC11358    Cinema and Society in South Asia, 1947-Present   20  
    PGHC11368    Thinking the 20th Century - Hannah Arendt, Albert Camus, George Orwell   20  
    PGHC11370    Making War, Making Peace: European International History, 1914-1945   20  

    Notes:Further to discussion with the Programme Director a student may choose an appropriate option from the suite of courses offered by, and outside of, the School.

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