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Degree Programme Table: Public Health (MPH) (Full Time) (PTMPHEALTH1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2015/16, Starting month: September

  • Notes: The Master of Public Health Programme Handbook contains full details of all these courses. This indicates restrictions on choice of courses and will be available for students entering the programme to facilitate advance planning. There are also other external courses which may be available, as long as they are relevant to the Masters.

    This DPT has 6 compulsory course(s).

    Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
    PUHR11032 Introduction to Epidemiology As available 10
    PUHR11033 Introduction to Qualitative Research As available 10
    PUHR11038 Introduction to Systematic Reviews As available 10
    PUHR11049 Dissertation (Public Health) As available 60
    PUHR11030 Introduction to Research Ethics As available 10
    PUHR11050 Introduction to Statistics As available 10

    This DPT has 1 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

    Select exactly 70 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    PUHR11001    Health Promotion   10  
    PUHR11004    Advanced Protocol Development   10  
    PUHR11013    Genetic Epidemiology   10  
    PUHR11016    Epidemiology for Public Health   10  
    PUHR11021    Clinical Trials   10  
    PUHR11008    Communicable Disease Control and Environmental Health   10  
    PUHR11026    Sociology of Health and Illness   20  
    PUHR11029    Resource Allocation and Health Economics   20  
    PUHR11040    Statistical Modelling   10  
    PUHR11047    Public Health Ethics   10  
    PUHR11046    Introduction to Global Health   10  
    PUHR11045    Qualitative Research in Health   10  
    PUHR11042    The Global Burden of Mental Illness   10  
    PUHR11051    Further Statistics   10  
    PUHR11055    Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases   10  
    PUHR11057    Developing and Evaluating Complex Public Health Interventions   10  
    PUHR11056    Global Health Epidemiology   10  
    PUHR11054    Investing in Global Health and Development   10  
    TPGR11004    CMVM Scientific Academic Writing   0  

    Notes:The Programme Handbook will contain full details of these courses.

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