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Business Studies

SCQF Level 08 (28 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
BUST08018 SV1 Applications of Finance Semester 2 20
BUST08032 SV1 Business Analytics and Information Systems Semester 2 20
BUST08005 SV1 Business Economics Semester 1 20
BUST08033 SV1 Business Research Methods I: Introduction to Data Analysis Semester 1 20
CMSE08002 Business Research Methods I: Quantitative Techniques Not delivered this year 20
BUST08031 SV1 Business Simulation Semester 2 20
BUST08016VV1 Business in the Arts I Flexible 10
BUST08017VV1 Business in the Arts II Flexible 10
BUST08019VV1 Business in the Arts Internship Project Flexible 10
CMSE08001 SS1 Career Development Planning Semester 2 0
BUST08014 SS1 Computing for Business Full Year 0
BUST08025 SS1 Foundations of Business Full Year 40
BUST08024 SS1 Fundamentals of Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship Semester 2 20
BUST08027 SV1 Human Resource Management 2 Semester 2 20
BUST08002 SS1 Industrial Management 1 Semester 1 20
BUST08015 SV1 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Semester 2 20
BUST08009 SV1 International Business and the Multinational Enterprise 2B Semester 2 20
BUST08008 SV1 International Business: Globalisation and Trade 2A Semester 1 20
BUST08026 SS1 Introduction to Business Full Year 40
BUST08030 SS1 Introduction to Corporate Finance Semester 1 20
BUST08023 SS1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Semester 2 10
BUST08029 SS1 Introduction to Financial Markets Semester 2 20
BUST08007 Management Science and Information Systems Not delivered this year 20
BUST08004 SV1 Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST08028 SV1 Organisational Behaviour 2 Semester 1 20
BUST08034 SS1 PALs Leadership Development Semester 1 10
BUST08003 SV1 Principles of Finance Semester 1 20
BUST08021 SS1 Study Skills for Business Semester 1 0

SCQF Level 09 (1 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
BUST09001 SS1 Research in Management Semester 2 0

SCQF Level 10 (57 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
BUST10014 SV1 Advertising: Theories and Practice Semester 2 20
BUST10129 SV1 Applications of Human Resource Management Semester 1 20
ACCN10026 SV1 Behavioural Finance and Market Efficiency Semester 1 20
BUST10127 SV1 Brand Culture Semester 2 20
BUST10004 SV1 Business Ethics Semester 2 20
CMSE10003 SV1 Business Research Methods II: Applications and Analysis Semester 2 20
BUST10122 Business Strategies for International Growth Not delivered this year 20
BUST10077 SS1 Business Studies Long Essay Full Year 40
BUST10136 SV1 Business and Society: The Impact of Globalisation Semester 1 20
BUST10007 SV1 Consumer Behaviour Semester 1 20
BUST10012 SV1 Corporate Finance Semester 2 20
BUST10131 SV1 Creativity in Theory and Practice Semester 1 20
BUST10116 SV1 Critical Thinking in Marketing Semester 1 20
BUST10133 SV1 Decision Analytics Semester 1 20
BUST10013 Decision-Making under Uncertainty Not delivered this year 20
BUST10130 SV1 Digital Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST10124 SV1 Economic Aspects of Competition Policy Semester 1 20
BUST10120 SV1 Enterprise Consultancy Project Semester 1 20
BUST10117 SV1 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation Semester 2 20
BUST10025 SV1 Financial Modelling with Excel Semester 2 20
BUST10033 SV1 Financial Services Marketing Semester 1 20
BUST10023 SV1 Futures and Options Semester 2 20
BUST10140 Global Creative Industries: The art of business and the business of art Not delivered this year 20
BUST10119 SV1 Green and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Semester 2 20
BUST10105 Human Resource Management: Current Issues and Controversies Not delivered this year 20
BUST10018 SV1 International Business in Emerging Markets Semester 2 20
BUST10121 International HRM and Comparative Employment Relations Not delivered this year 20
BUST10067 SV1 International Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST10104 SV1 International Strategic Management in Practice Semester 2 20
BUST10138 Investment and Securities Not delivered this year 10
BUST10032 SV1 Investment and Securities Markets Semester 1 20
BUST10128 SV1 Management Consulting Semester 2 20
BUST10049 SS1 Management Honours Dissertation Full Year 40
BUST10135 SV1 Management Science and Operations Analytics Semester 1 20
BUST10020 Management Science and Operations Planning Not delivered this year 20
BUST10113 SV1 Managing Across Borders and Cultures Semester 2 20
BUST10107 SV1 Managing Change Semester 2 20
BUST10028 SV1 Managing Employment Law Semester 2 20
BUST10008 Market Structure, Conduct and Performance Not delivered this year 20
BUST10118 SV1 Marketing Strategy Semester 2 20
BUST10108 SV1 Marketing and Society Semester 1 20
BUST10011 Mathematical Programming Not delivered this year 20
BUST10134 SV1 Mathematical Programming in Advanced Analytics Semester 2 20
BUST10039 SS1 Negotiation Semester 1 20
BUST10125 New Product Development Not delivered this year 20
BUST10092 SV1 Operations Strategy Semester 2 20
BUST10137 Psychology of Finance Not delivered this year 10
BUST10024 SV1 Quality Management Semester 1 20
BUST10132 Research Methods in Finance Not delivered this year 20
BUST10036 Risk Management Not delivered this year 20
BUST10114 SV1 Services Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST10123 Strategic Leadership Development Not delivered this year 20
CMSE10002 SV1 Strategic Management Semester 1 20
BUST10126 The Business Response to Climate Change Not delivered this year 20
BUST10021 SV1 The Economics of Corporate Strategy Semester 2 20
BUST10115 SV1 The Entrepreneurial Manager Semester 1 20
BUST10034 SV1 The Management of Technology Semester 1 20

SCQF Level 11 (6 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ECNM11033 SV1 Business and Climate Change Semester 1 20
BUST11079 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Finance and Investment) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
BUST11119 SV1 Dissertation (MSc International Business and Emerging Markets) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
BUST11225 SS1 Marketing of Services Semester 2 15
BUST11228 SS2 Translational Study - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass (Biz) Semester 2 20
LAWS11228 Financial Models and Derivatives in a Legal Context Not delivered this year 40
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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