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Pain Management and Critical Care

SCQF Level 11 (30 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
PAMA11054 SS1 Assessment, Measurement and the Multidisciplinary Approach Block 2 (Sem 1) 10
PAMA11065 SS1 Clinical Management of Headache Disorders Flexible 20
PAMA11040 SS1 Co-morbidities, Course and Prognosis of Headache Disorders Flexible 10
PAMA11083 SS1 Data Science in Clinical Research: Research Project Semester 1 40
PAMA11082 SS1 Data Science in Clinical Research: Research Proposal Semester 1 20
PAMA11081 Dissertation (Headache) Not delivered this year 60
PAMA11052 SS1 Dissertation (Pain Management) Full Year 60
PAMA11072 Dissertation (the Clinical Management of Headache Disorders) Not delivered this year 60
PAMA11080 SS1 Epidemiology, Burden of Illness and Pathophysiology of Migraine Flexible 10
PAMA11074 SS1 Epidemiology, burden of illness and pathophysiology of headache disorders Flexible 10
PAMA11079 SS1 Headache Disorders: Diagnosis, Classification and Clinical Features Flexible 10
PAMA11079 SS1 Headache Disorders: Diagnosis, Classification and Clinical Features Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
PAMA11073 SS1 Headache disorders: diagnosis, classification and clinical features Flexible 10
PAMA11078 SS1 Independent Project in Headache Management Full Year 60
PAMA11051 SS1 Independent Project in Pain Management Full Year 60
PAMA11070 SS1 Introduction to Pain Management in Practice Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 10
PAMA11043 SS1 Management of Headache in Context Flexible 20
PAMA11064 SS1 Management of Neuropathic Pain Flexible 20
PAMA11066 SS1 Maxi Project in Pain Management Flexible 20
PAMA11071 Mini Project in Pain Management Not delivered this year 10
PAMA11055 SS1 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology and its Relevance to Pain Management Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
PAMA11077 SS1 Neurodegenerative Diseases, Pain, Stem Cells and Models Flexible 20
PAMA11057 SS1 Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain Management Block 5 (sem 2) 10
PAMA11067 SS1 Pain - A Multidimensional Phenomenon Block 1 (Sem 1) 10
PAMA11059 SV1 Pain Management in the Ageing Population Flexible 20
PAMA11063 SS1 Pain in Medical Patients Flexible 20
PAMA11053 SS1 The Management of Acute Pain Flexible 20
PAMA11069 SV1 The Management of Cancer Related Pain Flexible 20
PAMA11042 SS1 Treatment of Migraine and Other Headache Disorders Flexible 10
PAMA11068 SS1 Understanding the Pharmacological Management of Pain Block 4 (Sem 2) 10
PAMA11076 SS1 Veterinary Musculoskeletal Pain (Small Animal) Flexible 20
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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