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Undergraduate Course: Introduction to Pioneer Ministry and Church Planting (Online/Blended-Learning) (THET07002)

Course Outline
SchoolSchool of Divinity CollegeCollege of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 7 (Year 1 Undergraduate)
Course typeOnline Distance Learning AvailabilityAvailable to all students
SCQF Credits10 ECTS Credits5
SummaryThe course is aimed to equip those who enrol - who are likely to be members, elders and ministers in the Church of Scotland, and their equivalents in other Christian denominations - with a grounding in the theological understanding and practical knowledge needed to begin new worshipping communities or 'fresh expressions of church', through pioneer ministry and church planting.

Students will have access to a recorded lecture and participate in an online tutorial for six of the eight weeks, and attend two Saturday afternoon workshops at the School of Divinity.
Course description Academic description:

The course will be of interest to all those within Christian churches, whether lay or ordained, who are already engaged in, or wish to explore the possibility of, the creation and sustaining of innovative forms of Christian community beyond present institutional structures i.e. 'fresh expressions of church' through pioneer ministry or church planting.

As in the pilot course, it will focus on missiology, ecclesiology, personal spirituality, and social and cultural analysis. Participants will be expected and encouraged to envisage and implement practical application within their contexts, which will be guided throughout class discussion and in final assessment.

Syllabus/Outline Content:

The course will be focused on five units, each with two sessions: 1.ourselves: spiritual and personal formation for mission; 2. our contexts: Scotland and religion; 3. our thinking: theory and practice of mission and church; 4. our work: beginning a fresh expression of church; and 5. our future: nurturing and growing a fresh expression of church. This will include material on spirituality; Scottish social and church history; the relationship of faith and culture; analysis of church and community; theologies of mission and church; and practical insight and engagement into beginning and sustaining a 'fresh expression of church'.

Student Learning Experience Information:

The course will be context-informed, and will have contributions from those with experience in practice and in training. It will be practically focused on the student's potential or current experience of forming a 'fresh expression of church' in their context. The course will be delivered in a variety of ways, including recorded short lectures and both online and workshop-based discussions based on set readings, to be read by the student in preparation for each class. The experiences of those taking the course will be drawn upon throughout, and a peer-learning supportive 'network' encouraged.

If the student is taking the course for credit, there will be an assessed reflective project which will demonstrate that the learning outcomes have been achieved. The project may also be completed for feedback by those not seeking credit.

The course fee will be £200 per student, whether taking the course for credit or not, following the fee levels and policy of the Centre for Open Learning.
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Additional Costs The course fee will be £200 per student, whether taking the course for credit or not, following the fee levels and policy of the Centre for Open Learning.
Information for Visiting Students
Pre-requisitesThe course is open to the general public. The course will be open also to students and ministry candidates at the School of Divinity.
High Demand Course? Yes
Course Delivery Information
Academic year 2020/21, Available to all students (SV1) Quota:  None
Course Start Semester 2
Timetable Timetable
Learning and Teaching activities (Further Info) Total Hours: 100 ( Lecture Hours 5, Seminar/Tutorial Hours 15, Programme Level Learning and Teaching Hours 2, Directed Learning and Independent Learning Hours 78 )
Assessment (Further Info) Written Exam 0 %, Coursework 100 %, Practical Exam 0 %
Additional Information (Assessment) A 2000-word reflective project, to be submitted following completion of the delivery of the course, which will focus on the creation and development of an ongoing or intended 'fresh expression of church' in the student's context, integrating all aspects of the course (100%).
Feedback Students will have the opportunity to receive feedback on a plan for their reflective project between completion of the course and the submission date.
No Exam Information
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate the ability to reflect on personal and spiritual formation.
  2. Develop a fuller understanding of how to analyse and interpret contemporary culture, the place of religion in post-Christendom Scotland, and the student¿s immediate context in church and society.
  3. Develop a critical appreciation of global theologies of mission and church, as applied to local context.
  4. Engage with the initial practical steps in forming a ¿fresh expression of church.¿
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the important stages and pitfalls in nurturing and sustaining a ¿fresh expression of church.¿
Reading List
Indicative Bibliography

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Additional Information
Graduate Attributes and Skills Not entered
KeywordsChristian Mission,Theology,Missiology,Fresh Expressions of Church
Course organiserDr Alexander Forsyth
Tel: (0131 6)50 8970
Course secretaryMr Jamie Smith
Tel: (0131 6)50 8913
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