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Year 1 Academic year: 2022/23, Starting in: September

This part-time programme has two possible pathways and a range of exit points. Students all enter on the same generic pathway. You have the option to specialise into a CBT pathway or continue with the generic pathway.

Students can take a number of courses with the required amount of credits to be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate (60 taught credits), Postgraduate Diploma (120 taught credits), or MSc (180 credits) (120 taught credits and a 60 credit dissertation).

Students who complete the generic pathway will graduate with PGCert/PGDip/MSc Psychological Therapies.

Students who complete the CBT pathway will graduate with PGCert/PGDip/MSc Psychological Therapies (CBT).
Please note the following compulsory course requirements:
PGCert - Fundamentals of CBT with Children and Young People (20 credits) followed by CBT Placement 1 (20 credits) and CBT for Children and Young People in Practice (20 credits)

Please discuss your course choices with your personal tutor to ensure your preferred outcome and specialism can be achieved. An overview of course pathways and entrance criteria is available on the programme website.

Please note the following course-specific progression requirements (arrows denote that the preceding course(s) is an essential prerequisite for the following course(s)):

Fundamentals of CBT with CYP » CBT Placement 1 & CBT for Children and Young People in Practice » CBT Placement 2 & CBT with Complex Presentations

Students may study over 2-6 years to complete the programme. Students are required to complete a minimum of 40 credits every two years (2 20 credit courses); this does not include the dissertation as this will need to be completed in addition to the taught course requirements within a single academic year.

The recommended maximum time to complete each qualification is as follows:
PGCert - 2 years
PGDip - 4 years
MSc - 6 years

There are no compulsory courses in this year of this programme.

Course options

Psychological Therapies

Select between 60 and 120 credits of the following courses
Research Methods in Applied Psychology (CLPS11066) is a core course for progression to the dissertation

Dissertation (MSc Psychological Therapies)

Select exactly 60 credits of the following courses

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