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Environmental Courses

SCQF Level 08 (20 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ARCA08004 SV1 Archaeology 1A Semester 1 20
ARCA08005 SV1 Archaeology 1B Semester 2 20
ARHI08005 Architectural History 1 Not delivered this year 40
ARHI08009 SV1 Architectural History 1A: Introduction to World Architecture Semester 1 20
ARHI08004 SV1 Architectural History 1B: Revivalism to Modernism Semester 2 20
EASC08001 Earth Dynamics Not delivered this year 20
GEGR08003 SV1 Economic and Political Geography Semester 1 20
CHEM08020 SV1 Environmental Chemistry 2 Semester 2 20
EASC08024 SV1 Environmental Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface Semester 1 20
GEGR08001 Environmental Sensitivity and Change Not delivered this year 20
EASC08023 Evolution of the Living Earth Not delivered this year 20
GEGR08002 SV1 Geomorphology Semester 2 20
GEGR08007 SV1 Human Geography Semester 1 20
METE08001 SV1 Meteorology: Atmosphere and Environment Semester 1 20
METE08002 SV1 Meteorology: Weather and Climate Semester 2 20
EASC08011 SV1 Natural Hazards Semester 1 20
EASC08004 SV1 Oceanography Semester 2 20
EASC08016 SV1 Physics of the Earth Semester 2 20
ECSC08012 SS1 Principles of Ecology Semester 1 20
ECSC08003 SV1 Soil, Water and Atmospheric Processes Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 09 (3 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ECSC09005 SV1 Environmental Pollution Semester 2 20
EASC09036 SS1 Field Course in Tropical Marine and Terrestrial Geoscience Semester 2 20
ECSC09002 SV1 Natural Resource Management Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 10 (11 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ENVI10001 SV1 Topics in Global Change Semester 2 20
GEGR10023 SS1 Catchment Water Resources Semester 1 20
ECSC10033 SS1 Ecological and Environmental Science field course (including management) Semester 1 20
EASC10065 SV1 Geophysics Project Full Year 40
GEGR10075 SV1 Glacial Processes and Geomorphology Semester 1 20
EASC10126 SV1 Hydrogeology 2: Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Transport Semester 2 10
ECSC10014 Land-Atmosphere Interactions Not delivered this year 10
GEGR10108 Landscape Dynamics - techniques and applications Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10142 SV1 Problematising Environment and Society Semester 1 20
SCIL10024 SV1 Sociology of the Environment and Risk Semester 2 20
GEGR10139 SV1 Volcanoes, Environment and People Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 11 (6 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
PGGE11178 SS1 Dissertation in Food Security Block 5 (sem 2) 60
PGGE11182 SS1 Dissertation in Soils and Sustainability Block 5 (sem 2) 60
PGGE11287 SS1 Global Challenges: Integrating Sustainable Development SLICC (Environment) Semester 2 20
PGGE11286 SS1 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Environment Semester 2 20
PGGE11183 SS1 Soil Protection and Management Semester 1 20
PGGE11180 SS1 Soil Science Concepts and Application Semester 1 20
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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