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Postgraduate Course: Intersections (ARCH11285)

Course Outline
SchoolEdinburgh College of Art CollegeCollege of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 11 (Postgraduate)
Course typeDissertation AvailabilityAvailable to all students
SCQF Credits60 ECTS Credits30
SummaryUsing a body of work formulated by you during the two previous semesters on the programme, you will be required to develop the design theory and resolution of the previous courses into a single body of work, clearly defining its design narrative, contextualised within the wider fields of interior, architectural and spatial design. You will be asked to present this in an edited document series of connected formats. Along with a written exploration of ideas and solutions, during the course, you will design and build your own exhibition to show the ideas and work in progress. Following on from this you will produce a professional design portfolio detailing the journey of ideas and designs through the programme.
Course description Academic Description
Designers need to be able to contextualise their work within the wider discipline, and professionally present it to a series of audiences. In this course you will use the work undertaken in semesters 1 and 2 and critically analyse it to define a written and physical paradigm of where you place yourself and your work within the fields of interior, architectural and spatial design. Using both written and physical solutions you will present your journey on the programme as written piece, a dissemination proposal and a professionally presented and edited portfolio. This body of interconnected work will allow you to express your enquiry, development and resolution of interior, architectural and spatial designs related to a given site within Edinburgh.

Course Content
In this course you will be asked to reflect on your interior, architectural and spatial responses to the previous two semesters. You will use your designs from semesters 1 and 2 to influence a synthesis project, located within the programme site. You will also address relevant current issues around the dissemination of your work through a focused project.

This will result in an edited portfolio of the whole programme including 3000 words of written critical analysis of your process.

Student Experience - Proposed
You will work individually on developing a synthesis design solution for the given interior that you have engaged with in other design courses. As a group you will work together to develop a united response to the brief of "how to disseminate interior, architectural and spatial design ideas". There will be realistic constraints on this, be they logistical, financial or physical, to challenge you in a professional context. This will require you to understand the complexities and constraints in which public display occurs. Finally, you will present individually an edited portfolio of your work sharing your design and critical responses to the projects set throughout the programme and explaining where you position yourself within the disciplines of interior, architectural and spatial design. LEARN will be used for course delivery.
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements This course is only available to MA Interior, Architectural & Spatial Design students
Additional Costs There will be material costs associated with this course in relation to exhibition stand and portfolio production. Stand for exhibition will be of low cost recyclable materials. You will also be expected to produce a professionally bound edited portfolio booklet for final submission. This is likely to be in the region of £400
Information for Visiting Students
High Demand Course? Yes
Course Delivery Information
Academic year 2023/24, Not available to visiting students (SS1) Quota:  32
Course Start Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond
Timetable Timetable
Learning and Teaching activities (Further Info) Total Hours: 600 ( Lecture Hours 2, Seminar/Tutorial Hours 26, Formative Assessment Hours 1, Summative Assessment Hours 1, Programme Level Learning and Teaching Hours 12, Directed Learning and Independent Learning Hours 558 )
Assessment (Further Info) Written Exam 0 %, Coursework 100 %, Practical Exam 0 %
Additional Information (Assessment) 100% coursework to contain:«br /»
«br /»
- an edited PDF portfolio booklet (max 20Mb) covering all project work undertaken in the three semesters of the programme, from both core and elective courses. This should contain 3000 words of critical analysis that reflect on the theoretical narrative explored throughout the programme, relating to and explaining how design solutions questions and expand on current accepted theory in relation to interior, architectural and spatial design.«br /»
«br /»
3 x learning outcomes equally weighted.
Feedback Feedback on Discussion Forums and/or group verbal feedback from peers and staff on a weekly basis.

Mid way through the semester you will submit a draft of your edited portfolio on work to date. You will receive written formative feedback from staff and indicative grades. At the end of the course you will submit your final edited portfolio booklet for summative assessment and grading on all learning outcomes, which are equally weighted.
No Exam Information
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Apply critical analysis to a body of work in relation to a given site and using informed judgement, develop a synthesised design response to it.
  2. Develop and realise an original creative response to the practice of professional dissemination within the context of interior, architectural and spatial design.
  3. Communicate professionally an edited and critically analysed body of work practices in response to the presentation of a body of self-generated work relating to the programme.
Reading List
Clarke, Michael
Verbalising the visual: Translating art and design into words.
AVA Academia 2007

Francis, Pat
Inspiring writing in art and design: Taking a line for a write.
Intellect Books 2009

Locker, Pam
Basics Interior Design 02: Exhibition Design
AVA Publishing (1st Ed) 2010

Luescher, Andreas
The Architect's Portfolio: Planning, Design, Production
Routledge, 2010

Obrist, Hans Ulrich
Ways of Curating
Penguin Modern Classics 2015
Additional Information
Graduate Attributes and Skills 3 : Generic Cognitive Skills
- Apply critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis to forefront issues in interior, architectural, and spatial design.
- Critically review, consolidate and extend knowledge, skills, practices and thinking in interiors.

4 : Communications, ICT and Numeracy Skills
- Communicate project problematisations, proposals, and solutions, using appropriate methods, to a range of audiences with different levels of knowledge/expertise.
- Communicate with peers, more senior colleagues and specialists.

5 : Characteristics of Autonomy, Accountability and Working with Others
- Take responsibility for own work and/or significant responsibility for the work of others.
- Take significant responsibility for a range of resources.
- Practise in ways which draw on critical reflection on own and others' roles and responsibilities.
KeywordsExhibition,critical analysis,professional presentation
Course organiserMr Edward Hollis
Course secretaryMs Louisa King
Tel: (01316) 502306
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