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Undergraduate Course: Japanese Language 4A (ASST10125)

Course Outline
SchoolSchool of Literatures, Languages and Cultures CollegeCollege of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 10 (Year 4 Undergraduate) AvailabilityAvailable to all students
SCQF Credits10 ECTS Credits5
SummaryThe course aims are as follows:
¿ To familiarize students with Japanese passages which handle different subject matter and use different styles
¿ To increase students' vocabulary, such that they are able to recognize the characters recommended for daily use
¿ To increase and consolidate students' knowledge of Japanese grammar and syntax
¿ To provide students with the opportunity to consider how best to produce fluent, idiomatic English translations which reflect the style and intent of the originals
¿ To provide students with the opportunity to practise reading comprehension and to develop their skills in summarizing Japanese texts in English
The course will deal with understanding Japanese language and concentrate on the areas of translation from Japanese to English, summarising Japanese texts in English and reading comprehension. In the first semester, the work will consist of a series of tasks in translating from Japanese to English and providing English summaries of Japanese texts. Students will also have the opportunity to consider theoretical and practical implications of translation and precis and to practise advanced grammatical analysis. This will be done both through class discussion of the tasks assigned and through lectures delivered in conjunction with Japanese Language 4B. During the first half of the second semester, seminars will be delivered by different members of staff, focusing on approaches to reading and translating Japanese in their respective areas of expertise. During the second half of semester two, students will work independently or in groups on a translation assignment.

All students will be given a formative feedback exercise that will be helpful for the assessment for this course and students' general academic development.
Course description Semester 1:
Week 1 Introductory lecture(no tutorial)
Week 2 Lecture 2: Contrastive Language Studies
Week 3 Tutorial: practical exercises in reading and précis
Week 4 Tutorial: practical exercises in translation
Week 5 Lecture 3: Language skills for Literary Translation
Week 6 Tutorial: translating literary texts 1
Week 7 Tutorial: translating literary texts 2
Week 8 Lecture 4: Support tools in Translation Practice
Week 9 Tutorial: using support tools for understanding the text
Week 10 Tutorial: using support tools for translation
Week 11 Exam guidance

Semester 2:
Week 1 Legal Translation
Week 2 Theatre Translation
Week 3 Cultural-specific issues in Translation
Week 4 Media Translation
Week 5 Buddhism in Translation
Week 6 Innovative Learning Week (no class)
Week 7 Project guidance
Weeks 8-12 Project work
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Information for Visiting Students
Pre-requisitesNormally passes in courses equivalent to Japanese Year Abroad 3 and Japanese Language 3. Admission to the course is to be determined at the discretion of the Course Organiser.
Course Delivery Information
Not being delivered
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, students should be able to:
¿ Produce accurate and effective English translations of Japanese texts, using a written style that is appropriate to the context and reflects that of the source text
¿ Read, understand, translate and summarize in English Japanese texts that use the characters recommended for daily use and advanced grammar and syntax
¿ Describe, explain and analyse Japanese grammar and syntax to an advanced level

Reading List
Additional Information
Graduate Attributes and Skills Not entered
Special Arrangements None
KeywordsNot entered
Course organiserDr Helen Parker
Tel: (0131 6)50 4230
Course secretaryMr David Horn
Tel: (0131 6)50 4227
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