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Undergraduate Course: Design Research 4 (Film and Television) (DESI10039)

Course Outline
SchoolEdinburgh College of Art CollegeCollege of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Credit level (Normal year taken)SCQF Level 10 (Year 4 Undergraduate) AvailabilityNot available to visiting students
SCQF Credits40 ECTS Credits20
SummaryStudents investigate aspects of film story, form, and content in order to develop a film project of their own choosing. Student investigate the cinematic storytelling traditions in which they are positioning their project, such as documentary, drama or thriller and to contextualise their project in relation to existing film traditions. Students are encouraged to experiment and to develop their own voice, style and approach as film makers.
Course description Students participate in a process of peer review and provide development notes to other projects, mimicking standard industry practice in Screenwriting Labs, Documentary Development Programmes, and Writing Studios to receive and give peer feedback during the project development process and students will practice these industry skills throughout the course.

The students work towards a project folder which explains in detail the nature of the project, the motivation for and relevance of the project and the precise content detailing the structure, tone, style, and aesthetic approach. The project proposals are expected to be of industry accepted quality, have artistic merit and involve different layers of complexity.
Entry Requirements (not applicable to Visiting Students)
Pre-requisites Students MUST have passed: ( Design Externality 3 Major (Semester 1) - Film & TV (DESI09079) OR Design Externality 3 Minor (Semester 1) - Film & Television (DESI09065) OR Design Externality 3 Work-Based Placement (Semester 1) - Film & TV (DESI09060)) AND ( Design Externality 3 Major (Semester 2) - Film & Television (DESI09073) OR Design Externality 3 Minor (Semester 2) - Film & TV (DESI09043) OR Design Externality 3 Work-Based Placement (Semester 2) - Film & TV (DESI09096))
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Additional Costs course materials and study trips
Course Delivery Information
Not being delivered
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. INVESTIGATE: aspects of film form and context through a variety of practical and theoretical methods to demonstrate a sustained and rigorous investigation of personal research themes
  2. CHALLENGE: analyse issues arising from the research and challenge established precepts and assumptions with regards to narrative structure and film form.
  3. PLAN: demonstrate a sense of purpose in the development of lines of research inquiry and the ability to plan a film project.
Reading List
DESI10039 Design Research 4- Film/TV
- Christie, I. Scorsese on Scorsese. Faber & Faber (2003)
- Tarkovsky, A. Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema.
University of Texas Press (2003)
Additional Information
Graduate Attributes and Skills Not entered
KeywordsNot entered
Course organiserDr Itandehui Jansen
Tel: (0131 6)51 5852
Course secretaryMr Rhiordan Langan-Fortune
Tel: (0131 6)51 5926
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