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Year 1 Academic year: 2023/24, Starting in: September

This programme provides advanced training in Developmental Science. Besides methodological training, the programme addresses key topics in Developmental Science using research techniques from several inter-related disciplines (e.g., Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Computational Science, Neuroscience, Linguistics).

Students must enrol for 120 credits of courses (60 credits in both semesters) and the 60 credit Dissertation in Devel-opmental Science (completed from April to August).

Of the 120 course credits, 100 credits are compulsory. The remaining 20 course credits must be filled with one psychology SCQF Level 11 optional course. Alternatively, other Level 11 courses can be chosen that amount to 20 credits, subject to programme director's approval.

The MSc is available for full or part-time study, subject to immigration conditions. Part-time students must complete the same work as full-time students but over two academic years, and they write the dissertation during the second year.

Progression to the dissertation is subject to meeting the progression requirements set out in the Taught Assessment Regulations and achieving a pass mark in the following courses:
- Psychological Research Skills;
- Univariate Statistics and Methodology using R, and;
- Multivariate Statistics and Methodology using R

NOTE: In preparation for the dissertation, students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Psychology Poster Day, which will take place in Spring.

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