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SCQF Level 11 (77 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
PGBI11084 SS1 Animal Genetic Improvement Semester 2 10
PGBI11029 SS1 Applicable Mathematics for MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology Semester 1 10
PGBI11094 SS1 Applications of Synthetic Biology Semester 2 10
PGBI11118 SS1 Automation and Industry Semester 1 10
PGBI11100 SS1 Biochemistry A Semester 1 10
PGBI11101 SS1 Biochemistry B Semester 2 10
PGBI11127 SS1 Biodesign for Sustainability Semester 2 10
ECLG11004 SS1 Biodiversity Under Pressure Semester 1 20
PGBI11044 SS1 Biodiversity of Angiosperms Full Year 20
PGBI11057 SS1 Bioinformatics Algorithms Semester 2 10
PGBI11095 SS1 Bioinformatics Programming and System Management Semester 1 20
PGBI11129 SS1 Biological Databases Semester 1 10
PGBI11130 SS1 Biological Structure and Drug Function Semester 2 20
PGBI11107 SS1 Biophysical Chemistry for MSc Biochemistry Semester 1 10
PGBI11049 SS1 Commercial Aspects of Drug Discovery Semester 2 10
PGBI11115 SS1 Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics Semester 2 10
PGBI11043 SS1 Conservation and Sustainability Semester 2 10
ECLG11001 SS1 Dissertation (Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11011 Dissertation (Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis) Not delivered this year 60
PGBI11135 SS1 Dissertation (Quantitative Genetics) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11055 SS1 Dissertation Project in Systems and Synthetic Biology Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
ECLG11005 SS1 Eco-evolutionary Responses to Anthropogenic Change Semester 2 20
BITE11003 SS1 Economics & Innovation in the Biotechnology Industry Semester 1 20
PLSC11005 SS1 Evolution & Biodiversity of Cryptogams Full Year 20
PLSC11002 SS1 Evolution of Plants Block 1 (Sem 1) 10
PGBI11087 SV1 Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Block 4 (Sem 2) 10
PGBI11040 SS1 Functional Genomic Technologies Semester 2 10
PGBI11083 SS1 Genetics of Human Complex Traits Semester 2 10
PGBI11090 SS1 Industry and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology Semester 2 10
PGBI11051 SS1 Information Processing in Biological Cells Semester 1 10
PGBI11066 SS1 Intelligent Agriculture Semester 1 10
PGBI11137 SS1 Introduction to Bioinformatics Semester 2 10
PGBI11123 SV1 Introduction to Python Programming for Data Science Semester 2 10
BICH11007 Introduction to web site and database design for drug discovery Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11086 SV1 Linkage and Association in Genome Analysis Semester 2 20
PGBI11034 SS1 MSc Dissertation (Bioinformatics) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11133 SS1 MSc Dissertation (Data Science for Biology) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11102 SS1 MSc Project and Dissertation (Biochemistry) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11096 SS1 MSc Project and Dissertation (Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
BITE11004 SS1 Metagenomics Semester 2 10
PGBI11131 SS1 Modelling and Measuring Drug/Protein Interactions Semester 1 20
BILG11004 SS1 Next Generation Genomics Semester 2 10
PLSC11003 SS1 Phylogenetics and Population Genetics Blocks 1-3 (Sem 1-2) 20
PLSC11004 SS1 Plant Genome Diversity Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
PGBI11012 SS1 Plant Geography Semester 2 10
PGBI11124 SS1 Population Genetics Block 1 (Sem 1) 20
PGBI11126 SS1 Population Genomic Analysis Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
BICH11009 SS1 Practical Skills in Biochemistry A Semester 1 20
PGBI11099 Practical Skills in Biochemistry B Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11089 SS1 Practical Systems Biology Semester 2 20
PGBI11026 Preparative Methods for Structural Biology Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11103 SS1 Principles of Industrial Biotechnology Semester 1 10
ECLG11003 SS1 Professional Skills for Ecology and Evolution Semester 1 20
BICH11005 SS1 Project Proposal and Literature Review for MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology Semester 2 10
PGBI11020 SS1 Project and Dissertation (Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11132 SS1 Protein Production for Therapeutic Discovery Full Year 20
BICH11010 SS1 Protein Production for Therapeutic Discovery (Biochemistry) Semester 1 10
BICH11008 SV1 Python Programming for the Life Sciences Semester 2 10
PGBI11038 SS1 Quantitating drug binding Semester 1 10
PGBI11085 SV1 Quantitative Genetic Models Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
PGBI11125 SS1 Quantitative Genetics Block 2 (Sem 1) 20
PGBI11104 SS1 Research Project Proposal (Biochemistry) Semester 2 10
PGBI11105 SS1 Research Project Proposal (Biotechnology) Semester 2 10
ECLG11002 SS1 Research Project Proposal (Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity) Semester 2 10
PGBI11136 SS1 Research Project Proposal (Quantitative Genetics) Semester 2 10
PGBI11027 SS1 Research Project in MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11065 SS1 Research Project or Industrial Placement (MSc Biotechnology) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
PGBI11114 SS1 Research Proposal (Bioinformatics) Semester 2 10
PGBI11134 SS1 Research Proposal (Data Science for Biology) Semester 2 20
PGBI11003 SV1 Statistics and Data Analysis Semester 1 20
PGBI11120 Statistics for Computational Biologists Not delivered this year 20
PLSC11006 SS1 Taxonomy & Plant Collections Block 2 (Sem 1) 10
PGBI11116 SS1 The Origins of Synthetic Biology Semester 1 10
PGBI11128 SS1 Tools for Synthetic Biology Semester 1 20
PLSC11008 SS1 Tropical Plant Identification Course Semester 2 10
PGBI11122 SS1 Using R for Data Science Semester 1 10
PGBI11108 SS1 Vaccines and Molecular Therapies Semester 2 10
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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