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Research (EDU)

SCQF Level 11 (39 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
REDU11074 SV1 Activist Social Research Semester 1 20
REDU11079 SS1 Applied Project Full Year 60
REDU11076 Applied Research Project (Social Justice) Not delivered this year 60
REDU11045 SV1 Conceptualising research: Foundations, assumptions and praxis Semester 2 10
REDU11091 SV1 Critical Data and Education Semester 2 20
REDU11073 Designing Educational Research Not delivered this year 20
REDU11089 SV1 Dissertation ( MSc Dance Science & Education ) Semester 2 60
REDU11060 Dissertation (Educational Leadership) Not delivered this year 50
REDU11087 SV1 Dissertation (Language Education) Full Year 60
REDU11082 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Dance Science and Education) Full Year 60
REDU11083 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Education all pathways) Full Year 60
REDU11052 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Education) Blocks 4-5 (Sem 2) 50
REDU11088 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Inclusive Education) Full Year 60
REDU11092 SS1 Dissertation (MSc Language and Intercultural Communication) Full Year 60
REDU11086 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Learning for Sustainability) Full Year 60
REDU11085 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Outdoor Education) Full Year 60
REDU11080 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Outdoor Environmental Sustainability Education) Full Year 60
REDU11077 SV1 Dissertation (MSc R Education & Sport) Full Year 180
REDU11081 SV1 Dissertation (MSc Sport Policy, Management and International Development) Full Year 60
REDU11084 SS1 Dissertation (MSc TESOL) Full Year 60
REDU11064 SV1 Dissertation (MSc in Digital Education) Full Year 60
REDU11050 SS1 Dissertation (Outdoor Education) Full Year 50
REDU11051 SS1 Dissertation (Outdoor Environmental Sustainability Education) Full Year 50
REDU11024 SV1 Dissertation (Performance Psychology) Full Year 60
SPRT11001 SV1 Dissertation (Physical Activity for Health) Full Year 60
REDU11075 SV1 Dissertation (Social Justice) Full Year 60
REDU11026 SV1 Dissertation (Strength and Conditioning) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
REDU11056 Dissertation (TESOL) Not delivered this year 50
REDU11059 Dissertation MSc Education: Language, theory, practice and literacy Not delivered this year 50
REDU11093 SS1 Dissertation: Capstone Approach (MSc CEID) Full Year 60
REDU11048 Individually Negotiated Course (Educational Research. Policy and Practice) Not delivered this year 20
REDU11078 SV1 Introduction to Social Research Methods Semester 1 20
REDU11028 SV1 Qualitative Data Research Semester 2 20
REDU11029 SV1 Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS Full Year 20
REDU11063 Research Methods (MSc in Digital Education) Not delivered this year 20
REDU11011 SV1 Research Process Block 4 (Sem 2) 10
REDU11002 SV1 The Nature of Enquiry Semester 1 20
REDU11046 SV1 The sources of knowledge: Understanding and analysing research literature Semester 1 10
REDU11010 SV1 Understanding Research Concepts Block 1 (Sem 1) 10

SCQF Level 12 (5 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
REDU12004 Conducting Qualitative Research Not delivered this year 20
REDU12006 EdD Thesis Preparation Programme Not delivered this year 20
REDU12001 Engaging with the Literatures of Education Not delivered this year 20
REDU12005 Perspectives on Professionalism and Professional Practices Not delivered this year 20
REDU12002 The Nature of Enquiry (EdD) Not delivered this year 20
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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