Timetable information in the Course Catalogue may be subject to change.

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Year 1 Academic year: 2024/25, Starting in: September

This programme is currently under review. Please note that programme structure and course availability is subject to change.

Alternative relevant option courses to those listed below may be substituted with the written permission of the Programme Director.

Compulsory courses

You must take these courses

Course options

Group A

Select exactly 40 credits in this group.

Course Collection 1 - Design Informatics

Select between 0 and 40 credits of the following courses

Level 10 and 11 courses in Schedules A to Q, T and W

Select between 0 and 40 credits from Level 10 and 11 courses in Schedules A to Q, T and W
In addition to the above table, other Level 10 and 11 courses not limited to those listed below, but available in the wider UoE course catalogue that comply with individual timetable requirements, may be possible to attend. This is dependent on explicit approval of the student's Programme Director, and the Course Organiser in question where stated as a requirement, subject to availability.

Please note - PGT students are only permitted to take up to 20 credits of Level 10 courses in total across a programme of study, as per the University Taught Assessment Regulations. This means that at least 20 credits of the chosen electives must consist of Level 11 courses.

CMSE11202 Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship
CMSE11578 Design, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
EFIE11010 Digital Influence
EFIE11021 Internets of Material Things
PGSP11116 Internet, Society and Economy
PGSP11400 Innovation in Sustainable Food Systems
PGSP11465 Digital Markets and Society
PGSP11466 Issues and Concepts in Digital Society
PGSP11467 Controversies in the Data Society
SCIL11029 Researching Global Social Change

Design & Digital Media Courses
DESI11178 Media and Culture
DESI11184 Dynamic Web Design
ARCH11010 Interactive Sound Environments
ARCH11066 Digital Media Studio Project
DESI11183 Digital Playgrounds for the Online Public
DESI11182 Game Design Studio
Selected courses must be taken during Semester 2

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