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Year 1 Academic year: 2024/25, Starting in: September

1. Students are not allowed to take more than a total of 30 credits below level 11.

2. An alternative appropriate course may be substituted with the permission of the Programme Director.

Compulsory courses

You must take these courses

Course options

Group A

Select exactly 90 credits in this group.

MSc Biotechnology Compulsory Course Choices

Select between 10 and 20 credits of the following courses
Students will need to take at least 10 credits from the following options. Please note that both of these courses may be chosen, but may not be possible to guarantee due to demand.

Principles of Industrial Biotechnology is taken in Semester 1. Metagenomics is taken in Semester 2.

Biological Sciences - Biotechnology (MSc & PgDip) - Optional Courses for semester 1

Select between 30 and 40 credits of the following courses
If a student chooses Principles of Industrial Biotechnology above, they will need to choose 30 credits from this list.

Please note the following restrictions due to similarity in content. It is NOT permitted to:
- take both 'Automation and Industry' and 'Practical Skills in Biochemistry A'
- take 'Intelligent Agriculture' if you have previously studied our 'Plant Biotechnology' undergraduate course

Biological Sciences - Biotechnology - Optional Course Semester 2

Select between 40 and 50 credits of the following courses
If a student chooses Metagenomics above, they will need to choose 40 credits in this list.

Students can choose EITHER the 10-credit OR the 20-credit version of Social Dimensions for Systems and Synthetic Biology as an optional course. The 20 credit version of the course provides a more in-depth exploration of the social, ethical and political issues inherent to synthetic biology.

It is not permitted to take both Python Programming for the Life Sciences and Introduction to Bioinformatics

Students may not take more than two of the following four courses without special permission from their Programme Director:
PGBI11090 Industry and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
CMSE11202 Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship
PGSP11331 Biobusiness
PGBI11049 Commercial Aspects of Drug Discovery

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