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Year 1 Academic year: 2024/25, Starting in: September

All courses are compulsory.

The total credits for the Programme should be 180 including the Dissertation (MSc in Fire Engineering Science). A maximum of 30 out of the 120 taught credits can be taken at level 10.

- The Engineering Council Compensation Rules -
The Engineering Council stipulates that a maximum of 20 credits of compensation can be applied for the 120 credits of taught courses in the MSc. These regulations permit up to 20 credits to be compensated, where marks are in the range from 40-49% (within 10% of the pass mark of 50%).

- Resits for Professional Purposes -
Students NOT achieving full passes (i.e. at 50% or above) in 100 credits AND/OR whose remaining 20 credits have results less than 40% will be required to take 'Resits for Professional Purposes' (RPPs). Compensation of any course or group of courses containing unique AHEP learning outcomes is not permitted.

For any failed courses not qualifying for compensation, students must carry out 'Resits for Professional Purposes' (RPPs).

Students who meet the university's requirements for progression, but who fail to meet the Engineering Council's requirements, will be granted 'Conditional Progression' to enable them to proceed to the dissertation.

Graduation will then only be permitted once they have achieved the equivalent of full passes in at least 100 credits of courses, plus a result of 40% or above in the remaining 20 credits. These 100 credits do not include the dissertation, which must be passed at the first attempt. The marks obtained at the first attempt will be used to calculate the MSc average and degree award.

Students who meet the University requirements for graduation, but who fail to meet The Engineering Council requirements will be eligible for the award of the unaccredited MSc in Engineering Technology (Fire Engineering Science).

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