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Postgraduate Course: Sources and methods for the study of Scotland in the Central Middle Ages, 1000-1300 (PGHC11338)

Course Outline
School School of History, Classics and Archaeology College College of Humanities and Social Science
Course type Standard Availability Available to all students
Credit level (Normal year taken) SCQF Level 11 (Postgraduate) Credits 20
Home subject area Postgraduate (School of History and Classics) Other subject area None
Course website None Taught in Gaelic? No
Course description This course will provide MSc students with the necessary training to follow their own research into aspects of the political, religious, social and cultural history of Scotland in the Central Middle Ages (1000-1300). It will familiarise them with the available primary sources for the period, whether narrative, administrative or literary, and will engage them with the methodologies and broader historical contexts necessary for their proper use. It will also introduce students to valuable resources and methods for the study of the people and places of medieval Scotland. The emphasis in this class is on encouraging students to follow their own research students and enabling them to locate and work with the primary and secondary sources most relevant to their field of study, as well as the most useful reference works and online resources now available. It is hoped that for some students this will provide a firm foundation for their dissertation work.
Entry Requirements
Pre-requisites Co-requisites
Prohibited Combinations Other requirements None
Additional Costs None
Information for Visiting Students
Pre-requisites None
Displayed in Visiting Students Prospectus? No
Course Delivery Information
Delivery period: 2010/11 Semester 1, Available to all students (SV1) WebCT enabled:  No Quota:  None
Location Activity Description Weeks Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
No Classes have been defined for this Course
First Class First class information not currently available
No Exam Information
Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes
This course is intended to provide students with a thorough grounding in a broad range of historical sources, methods and themes in medieval Scottish historiography, as well as to provide them with the knowledge and resources to identify their own field of research interest. More specifically, students will:

& be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of primary sources and methodologies relevant to Scottish history 1000-1300
& be able to identify their own field of historical research interest
& be able to apply their knowledge of sources and methods to their field of interest
& have an advanced understanding of the range of themes important to the political, religious, social and cultural history of Scotland 1000-1300
& be able to demonstrate knowledge of their research interests through participation in class seminars and a presentation in Week 11

They should also be able to demonstrate the following transferrable skills:

& engage in historical debates with evidence drawn from the primary and secondary literature
& gather relevant evidence independently and apply evidence to a problem
& prepare and present their own work to colleagues in seminars and workshops
& present their research findings in written form
& be able to efficiently access library and IT resources
Assessment Information
The course will be assessed by means of one 3,000 word essay.
Special Arrangements
Additional Information
Academic description Not entered
Syllabus Not entered
Transferable skills Not entered
Reading list 1. Narrative sources

M. L. Dutton (ed.), Aelred of Rievaulx, the historical works (Kalamazoo, MI, 2005).

M. L. Dutton (ed.), Aelred of Rievaulx, the lives of the northern saints (Kalamazoo, MI, 2006).

Bower, Walter, Scotichronicon, gen. ed. D.E.R. Watt (Aberdeen, 1993-8).

The Chronicle of Melrose (facsimile edition) ed. A.O. Anderson and others (London, 1936).

D. Broun and J. Harrison (eds.), The Chronicle of Melrose Abbey: A Stratographic Edition, 1. Introduction and Facsimile (Edinburgh, 2007).

Early sources of Scottish history, 500 $ 1286, ed. A.O. Anderson (London, 1922).

John of Fordun, John of Fordun&s Chronicle of the Scottish Nation, trans. Felix J.H. Skene, ed. W.F. Skene (Edinburgh, 1872).

Jordan Fantosme&s Chronicle, ed. R.C. Johnston (Oxford, 1981).

The Miracles of Saint bbe of Coldingham and Saint Margaret of Scotland, ed. and trans. Robert Bartlett (Oxford, 2003).

Scottish annals from English chroniclers, 500- 1286, ed. A.O. Anderson (London, 1908).

A Scottish chronicle known as the Chronicle of Holyrood, ed. M.O. Anderson (SHS, 1938).

2. Charters and letters

Joseph Bain, ed., Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland in the PRO, 5 vols (1881-1986)

G.W.S. Barrow, The charters of King David I: King of Scots, 1124 $ 53 and of his son Henry earl of Northumberland (Woodbridge, 1999).

Lord Cooper, Select Scottish Cases of the Thirteenth Century (Edinburgh, 1944)

Facsimiles of the National Manuscripts of Scotland (London, 1867-71)

Katherine Forsyth, ed., Studies on the Book of Deer (Dublin, 2008)

A.C. Lawrie, Early Scottish charters prior to 1153 (Glasgow, 1905).

Regesta Regum Scottorum, i, Acts of Malcolm IV, ed. G.W.S. Barrow (Edinburgh, 1960).

Regesta Regum Scottorum, ii, Acts of William I, ed. G.W.S. Barrow (Edinbugh, 1971)

Regesta Regum Scottorum, v, Acts of Robert I, ed. A.A.M. Duncan (Edinburgh, 1988).

James Scoular, Handlist of the Acts of Alexander II 1214-1249 (Edinburgh, 1959)

Grant Simpson, Handlist of the Acts of Alexander III, the Guardians and John 1249-1296 (Edinburgh, 1960)

Robert Somerville, Scotia Pontificia (Oxford, 1982).

Keith J. Stringer, $The Acta of Earl David&, in Earl David of Huntingdon 1152 $ 1219: A Study in Anglo- Scottish History (Edinburgh, 1985), 212- 74.

Alice Taylor, $Leges Scocie and the lawcodes of David I, William the Lion and Alexander II&, Scottish Historical Review, 88.2, 207-88

T. Thomson and C. Innes, eds., The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1814-75)

3. Literary and other sources

T. O. Clancy, The Triumph Tree: Scotland&s earliest poetry, 550 $ 1350 (Edinburgh, 1998).

The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll, c. 1190 $ 1265, ed. Philomena Connolly and Geoffrey Martin (Dublin, 1992).

Liber Vitae Ecclesiae Dunelmensis, ed. Joseph Stevenson, Surtees Soc. Vol. 13 (Durham, 1841).

D.D.R. Owen (ed.), $The Romance of Fergus: Introduction and Translation&, in Richard Barber (ed.), Arthuriuan Literature VIII (Cambridge, 1989).

Skene, W.F., Chronicles of the Picts, Chronicles of the Scots (Edinburgh, 1867).

Bibliography: Reference Works

George F. Black, The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning and History (New York, 1946). Reprinted Edinburgh, 2004.
C. R. Cheney, ed., A Handbook of Dates for students of British history. Revised by Michael Jones. Royal Historical Society Guides and Handbooks 4 (Cambridge, 2000)

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The Gazetteer for Scotland.

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Prosopography of Medieval Scotland, 1093-1286 (PoMS) database:

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Records of the Parliaments of Scotland database:

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Survey of Dedications to Saints in Medieval Scotland:

Syllabus of Scottish Cartularies.

Simon Taylor with Gilbert Mrkus, The Place-Names of Fife. Vols. 1-5 (Donington, 2006-)

W. J. Watson, The History of the Celtic Place-Names of Scotland (1926). Reprinted Edinburgh, 2004.

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D. E. R. Watt and N. F. Shead, The Heads of Religious Houses in Scotland from Twelfth to Sixteenth Centuries. Scottish Record Society, New Series, Vol. 24 (Edinburgh, 2001)

Bibliography: Journals and Conference Proceedings

Anglo-Norman Studies (ANS) (1978-)
Govan Old Parish Church Annual Lectures
Groam House publications.
Haskins Society Journal (1989- )
Historical Research (1987-)
History Scotland Magazine
The Innes Review (IR) (1950-)

Journal of Scottish Historical Studies (Formerly Scottish Economic and Social History) (1981-)
Journal of Scottish Name Studies (JSNS) (2007-)
Records of the Scottish Church History Society (RSCHS) (1926-)
Northern Scotland (1972-)
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (PSAS) (1851-)
Rannsachadh na Ghidhlig Conference Proceedings
Saga-Book of the Viking Club for Northern Research (1913-)
St Andrews Dark Age Studies Conferences. St John&s House Papers
Scottish Archaeological Journal (SAJ)
Scottish Historical Review (SHR) (1890-)
Thirteenth-Century England (1986-)
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (TRHS) (1872-)
Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society (TDGAS) (1863-)
Whithorn Trust Annual Lectures.
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Course organiser Dr Matthew Hammond
Course secretary Mrs Lindsay Scott
Tel: (0131 6)50 9948
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