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Social Policy

SCQF Level 08 (9 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
SCPL08006 SV1 European Social Policy Semester 1 20
SCPL08010 SV1 Evidence, Politics and Policy Semester 2 20
SCPL08008 SS1 Fundamentals 2: Social Policy Full Year 0
SCPL08007 SS1 Fundamentals: Social Policy 1 Full Year 0
SCPL08005 SV1 Politics of the Welfare State Semester 2 20
SCPL08011 SV1 Rethinking the Financial Crisis Semester 1 20
SCPL08009 Social Policy Enquiry Not delivered this year 20
SCPL08004 SV1 Social Policy and Society Semester 1 20
SCPL08012 SV1 Understanding Public Policy Semester 1 20

SCQF Level 10 (23 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
SCPL10024 SV1 Analytical Perspectives in Social Policy Semester 2 20
SCPL10010 SV1 Children's Rights Semester 2 20
SCPL10002 Criminal Justice: Policy and Practice Not delivered this year 20
SCPL10012 SV1 Dissertation (MA Social Policy) Full Year 40
SCPL10031 Education Policy in the EU Not delivered this year 20
SCPL10005 SV1 Educational Politics and Policy Semester 2 20
IPHP10002 SS1 Global Politics of Public Health Semester 2 20
SCPL10023 SV1 Governing The Social Semester 1 20
SCPL10034 SV1 Health Systems Analysis Semester 1 20
IPHP10003 Health Systems Reform and Public Private Partnerships Not delivered this year 20
SCPL10030 SV1 Health Systems: Strengthening and Reform Semester 2 20
SCPL10035 SV1 Infectious Disease and Global Governance Semester 1 20
IPHP10004 SV1 International Public Health Policy Project Full Year 40
SCPL10028 Labour Market Policy in Europe Not delivered this year 20
SCPL10017 Political Economy of the Welfare State Not delivered this year 20
PLIT10093 SV1 Political Work Semester 1 20
SCPL10029 SV1 Population Health and Health Policy Semester 1 20
IPHP10001 SV1 Social Determinants of Health and Public Policy Semester 2 20
SCPL10020 SV1 Social Inequality and the Life Course Semester 1 20
SCPL10022 SS1 Social Policy Year Abroad Assessment Full Year 40
SCIL10062 SV1 Designing and Doing Social Research Semester 1 20
SCIL10063 SV1 Doing Survey Research Semester 2 20