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School (School of Engineering)

SCQF Level 08 (18 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
SCEE08001 SV1 Engineering 1 Semester 1 20
SCEE08011 SV1 Engineering Design 1 Semester 2 20
SCEE08009 SV1 Engineering Mathematics 2A Semester 1 10
SCEE08010 SV1 Engineering Mathematics 2B Semester 2 10
SCEE08012 SV1 Engineering Principles 1 Semester 1 20
SCEE08017 SS1 Engineering Principles and Design 2 Semester 1 10
SCEE08006 SV1 Engineering Thermodynamics 2 Semester 2 10
SCEE08003 SV1 Fluid Mechanics 2 Semester 1 10
SCEE08016 SV1 Materials 2 Semester 2 10
SCEE08005 SV1 Materials Science and Engineering 2 Semester 2 10
SCEE08008 SV1 Power Engineering 2 Semester 1 10
SCEE08015 SV1 Professional Development for Engineers 2 Semester 2 10
SCEE08014 SV1 Programming Skills for Engineers 2 Semester 1 10
SCEE08002 SV1 Structural Mechanics 2A Semester 1 10
CHEM08028 SV1 Chemistry for Chemical Engineers 1A Semester 1 20
CHEM08029 SV1 Chemistry for Chemical Engineers 1B Semester 2 20
MATH08074 SS1 Engineering Mathematics 1a Semester 1 20
MATH08075 SS1 Engineering Mathematics 1b Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 09 (2 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
SCEE09002 SV1 Control and Instrumentation Engineering 3 Semester 2 10
SCEE09004 SV1 Partial Differential Equations 3 Semester 2 10

SCQF Level 10 (1 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ELEE10018 BEng Electronics/Electrical Project 4B Not delivered this year 40

SCQF Level 11 (12 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
SCEE11006 Group Design Project (CO2 Capture Plant) Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11004 Group Design Project (Design of Micro-systems) Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11002 Group Design Project (Hydropower Scheme) Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11003 Group Design Project (Potable Water Supply) Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11010 Group Design Project (Power Station with Carbon Capture and Storage) Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11005 Group Design Project (The Passive House) Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11014 SS1 Interdisciplinary Group Design Project (Engineering) Semester 1 20
SCEE11007 SV1 Membrane Separation Processes 5 Semester 2 10
SCEE11001 Nanotechnology 5 Not delivered this year 20
SCEE11008 SV1 Oil and Gas Systems Engineering 5 Semester 2 10
SCEE11011 SV1 Particle Technology Fundamentals and Industrial Applications 5 Semester 2 10
CHEM11052 SS1 Research Methods in Integrated Sensing and Measurement Semester 2 20
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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