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Year 1 Academic year: 2021/22, Starting in: September

Please note that students with ESRC funding will be required to take the following ESRC accredited research training courses:

Qualitative Methodologies in Psychological Research PSYL11072
Multivariate Statistics & Methodology Using R PSYL11054
Univariate Statistics & Methodology Using R PSYL11053
Psychological Research Skills PSYL11065

In addition, students on this pathway are asked to audit Research Design PGSP11208 to supplement the Psychological Research Skills course.

NOTE: This programme is available for study part-time (PT). PT students must complete the same requirements as full-time over two academic years. The dissertation must be completed during Year 2, after progression to the dissertation stage has been confirmed by the Board of Examiners. All course choices are subject to the approval of the Programme Director. Students are advised that course availability may vary across years subject to staffing arrangements.

Compulsory courses

You must take these courses

Course options

Courses from School(s) I/O - MSc Psychological Research Optional Courses

Select exactly 60 credits of the following courses

Psychological Research

Select between 0 and 80 credits of the following courses

Level 11 courses in Schedules A to Q

Select between 0 and 80 credits from Level 11 courses in Schedules A to Q
Students are able to choose from further optional courses available with the approval of the Programme Director. Not all optional courses will necessarily be available in any given year, students should consult the DRPS for the current year.

These choices cover a very broad range of topics, from Neural Computation to Creative Therapies with Children and Young People (please check eligibility), and give a great deal of flexibility to customise the programme to your requirements (the "DRPS search" button in the top right will show the hundreds of courses to choose from).

You should normally select Level 11 (postgraduate) courses, however, up to 40 credits of Level 10 PPLS Psychology courses may be substituted to enable specialisation, subject to authorisation from the Programme Director. Any student taking 40 credits of Level 10 PPLS Psychology courses will still be required to take 90 credits of coursework at level 11 (at no additional cost) in order to meet SCQF requirements. All courses you take for credits will be considered for progression and award of degree.

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