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Degree Programme Table: Business Administration (MBA) (Full-time) - 12 Months (PTMBABUSAD1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2013/14, Starting month: September

  • Notes: The Leadership Programme (zero credits) is compulsory and takes place in semester 1 and semester 2a.

    The option courses are subject to availability. Some option combinations are not permitted because of overlap and some may have pre-requisite option courses. You must take 3 option courses in Semester 2a (January to March) and 2 option courses in Semester 2b (April to May).

    The Consultancy Project is completed by mid June, and is followed by the completion of the MBA Capstone Project from mid June to late August.

    This DPT has 16 compulsory course(s).

    Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
    BUST11195 Corporate Strategy (MBA) Semester 2 10
    Notes: Must be taken in Semester 2a (January to March).
    BUST11171 Consultancy Project As available 10
    BUST11201 Leadership and High Performance Teams (MBA) Block 5 (sem 2) 10
    Notes: 4-day course at the start of semester 2b
    BUST11205 Accounting Semester 1 10
    BUST11211 Business Ethics (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11212 Business Simulation (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11209 Finance (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11208 Macroeconomics (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11207 Operations Managment (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11213 Strategic Management (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11204 Critical enquiry for business: doing and using research for management Semester 2 0
    BUST11206 Marketing Semester 1 10
    BUST11219 MBA Capstone Project (FTMBA) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 40
    BUST11220 Organisational Behaviour (MBA) Semester 1 10
    BUST11221 Decision Analytics Semester 2 10
    CMSE11209 MY CAREER Full Year 0

    This DPT has 2 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

    Select exactly 30 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    BUST11005    Business Finance   10  
    BUST11132    New Venture Creation and the Entrepreneurial Process   10  
    BUST11194    The Entrepreneurial Manager (MBA)   10  
    BUST11192    Consuming and Communicating Brands   10  
    BUST11200    Emission Reduction Project Development (MBA)   10  
    BUST11001    Financial Analysis   10  
    BUST11217    Developing Inclusive Business Strategies   10  
    BUST11222    International Business   10  
    BUST11065    Economics of Strategy   10  
    BUST11068    Strategic Human Resources and the New Economics of Personnel   10  
    BUST11224    Change Management (MBA)   10  
    BUST11226    Psychology of Investing & Financial Decisions (MBA)   10  


    Select exactly 20 credits from the following list of courses, during Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    BUST11045    Takeovers and Mergers   10  
    BUST11033    Business to Business Marketing   10  
    BUST11165    Global Strategy (MBA)   10  
    BUST11037    Negotiations   10  
    BUST11073    Project Management   10  
    BUST11026    Management Consultancy   10  


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