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Degree Programme Table: Drug Discovery and Translational Biology (PgDip) (PTPGDDDITB1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2015/16, Starting month: September

  • Notes: A handbook giving details, as well as restrictions on choices of courses will be available for students entering the programme to facilitate advance planning.

    This DPT has 8 compulsory course(s).

    Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
    PGBI11029 Applicable Mathematics for MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology Semester 1 10
    PGBI11023 Molecular Modelling and Database Mining Semester 1 10
    PGBI11026 Preparative Methods for Structural Biology Semester 1 10
    PGBI11038 Quantitating drug binding Semester 1 10
    PGBI11049 Commercial Aspects of Drug Discovery Semester 2 10
    PGBI11088 Drug Discovery (MSc Level) Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
    BICH11005 Project Proposal and Literature Review for MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology Semester 2 10
    PGBI11021 Protein Structure Determination Semester 2 10

    This DPT has 1 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

    Select exactly 40 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    INFR11016    Bioinformatics 1   10  
    PGBI11100    Biochemistry A   10  
    PGBI11095    Bioinformatics Programming and System Management   20  
    PGBI11107    Biophysical Chemistry for MSc Biochemistry   10  
    PGBI11051    Information Processing in Biological Cells   10  
    PGBI11039    Introduction to scientific programming for MSc in Drug Discovery & Translational Biology   10  
    PGBI11098    Practical Skills in Biochemistry A   10  
    PGBI11092    Tools for Synthetic Biology   10  
    PGSP11331    Biobusiness   20  
    INFR11005    Bioinformatics 2   10  
    PGBI11101    Biochemistry B   10  
    PGBI11057    Bioinformatics Algorithms   10  
    CHEM11044    Chemical Medicine Level 11   20  
    BILG11005    Detailed Characterisation of Drug or Ligand Interactions Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)   10  
    PGBI11040    Functional Genomic Technologies   10  
    BICH11007    Introduction to web site and database design for drug discovery   10  
    PGBI11099    Practical Skills in Biochemistry B   10  
    BUST11169    Management of R&D and Product Innovation   20  

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