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Nursing Studies

SCQF Level 08 (10 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
NUST08009 SV1 Evidence and Research: Approaches to Design and Methods Semester 1 20
NUST08013 SV1 Evidence and Research: Avenues of Inquiry Semester 2 10
NUST08017 Health Life Sciences Not delivered this year 40
NUST08016 SV1 Healthy Communities 1 Semester 1 20
NUST08015 SV1 Healthy Communities 2 Semester 2 20
NUST08010 SS1 Mental Health and Wellbeing Semester 1 20
NUST08011 SV1 Nursing Care and Decision Making Full Year 40
NUST08014 SV1 Nursing Life Sciences Full Year 40
NUST08012 SS1 Professionalism 1 (Introduction to Professionalism) Semester 2 10
NUST08008 SS1 Professionalism 2 (Professionals in health care - team working) Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 10 (23 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
NUST10035 SV1 Adult Endocrinology Semester 1 20
NUST10022 Cancer Care Not delivered this year 20
NUST10033 Care of older people: relating theory and policy to practice Not delivered this year 20
NUST10005 Caring and Emotional Work Not delivered this year 20
NUST10002 Community Nursing Not delivered this year 20
NUST10050 SS1 Contemporary issues in mental health: engaging through the arts, humanities and social science Semester 1 20
NUST10044 Critical Appraisal of Practice Not delivered this year 20
NUST10036 SV1 Critical Care Nursing Semester 1 20
NUST10048 SS1 Cultural Diversity & Caring - an Immersion Experience (Clinical Elective) Full Year 20
NUST10028 SS1 Dissertation (Bachelor of Nursing with Honours) Full Year 40
NUST10049 From Troy to the Trenches: A History of Military Nursing Not delivered this year 20
NUST10045 SS1 Global Public Health: Principles and Practice of Health Improvement Semester 2 20
NUST10008 SS1 Issues and Developments in the Management of Pain Semester 2 20
NUST10037 Living with Chronic Illness Not delivered this year 20
NUST10039 SS1 Management of Transitions - The Care of the