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General Courses (Medicine)

SCQF Level 10 (1 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
GMED10001 SS1 Management & Communication Semester 2 10

SCQF Level 11 (57 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
GMED11051 SS1 Advanced Resuscitation & Child Protection Flexible 20
GMED11042 SS1 Anatomy and Physiology of acute illness in children Flexible 20
GMED11030 SS1 Animal Models of Cognitive Ageing and Neural Health Semester 2 10
GMED11040 SV1 Audited Lab Book Semester 2 30
GMED11025 Biomechanics Dissertation - cancelled Not delivered this year 60
GMED11028 Biomechanics of Cells, Tissues and Organs Not delivered this year 20
GMED11026 Biomedical Imaging Not delivered this year 10
GMED11005 SS1 Biopharmaceutical Transfusion, Clinical Trials & Clinical Blood Banking Semester 1 20
GMED11003 SS1 Blood Donation Processing & Testing (including Governance/Ethics/Risks of Transfusion) Semester 2 10
GMED11034 SS1 Cognitive Epidemiology Semester 1 10
GMED11052 SS1 Crisis Disaster Management Flexible 20
GMED11024 SV1 Cultivating communities of practice: leadership and management within multi-disciplinary teams Flexible 20
GMED11033 SS1 Developing a Research Project Blocks 1-3 (Sem 1-2) 10
GMED11011 SV1 Dissertation (General Research Masters) Full Year 180
GMED11010 SS1 Dissertation (MMedSci) Flexible 180
GMED11008 SS1 Dissertation in Transfusion, Transplantation & Tissue Banking Full Year 60
GMED11017 SV1 Environmental determinants of cardiometabolic disorders - birth weight & prenatal programming/rural to urban transition Flexible 10
GMED11020 SV1 Family Medicine in developing and emerging economy health care and its role in non communicable disease management. Flexible 10
GMED11023 SV1 Globalisation and Non Communicable Diseases Flexible 20
GMED11015 SV1 Health innovation and development Flexible 10
GMED11032 SS1 Human Cognitive Ageing Semester 1 10
GMED11004 SV1 Immunology & Molecular Biology of Transfusion Semester 1 10
GMED11002 SS1 Information Technology & Donation Semester 1 10
GMED11019 SV1 Information and communication technologies for public health and patient care in developing and emerging economies Flexible 10
GMED11022 SV1 Introduction to Global Health Flexible 20
GMED11036 SV1 Literature Review and Project Plan Semester 1 30
GMED11014 SV1 Managing vascular risk factors in developing countries - concept of vascular risk and lifestyle measures Flexible 10
GMED11039 SV1 Manuscript Semester 2 80
GMED11044 SS1 Medical Emergencies 1: Respiratory, Neurology, Endocrine Flexible 20
GMED11045 Medical Emergencies 2 Not delivered this year 20
GMED11053 SS1 Medical Emergencies 2: Renal, Haematology, Oncology, Immunology Flexible 10
GMED11049 Medical Emergencies 3: Dermatology Not delivered this year 20
GMED11055 SS1 Medical Emergencies 3: Dermatology Flexible 10
GMED11048 Medical Emergencies 3: Infectious Disease and Immunisation Not delivered this year 20
GMED11057 SS1 Medical Emergencies 3: Infectious Disease and Immunisation Flexible 10
GMED11046 Medical Emergencies 3: Musculoskeletal problems Not delivered this year 20
GMED11054 SS1 Medical Emergencies 3: Musculoskeletal problems Flexible 10
GMED11047 Medical Emergencies 3: Rheumatology Not delivered this year 20
GMED11058 SS1 Medical Emergencies 3: Rheumatology Flexible 10
GMED11027 Medical Statistics for the Life Sciences Not delivered this year 10
GMED11035 SV1 Orientation Course Semester 1 0
GMED11043 SS1 Pain management and the Child in Society Flexible 20
GMED11012 SV1 Palliative and end of life care in an international context Flexible 10
GMED11037 SV1 Poster Presentation Semester 1 20
GMED11018 SV1 Public Health research: international issues Flexible 10
GMED11001 SS1 Quality and GMP, Fundamentals of Transfusion Science & Communication Semester 1 20
GMED11041 SS1 Recognition and acute management of the sick child Flexible 20
GMED11029 SS1 Research Methodologies Full Year 10
GMED11038 SV1 Research Seminar Semester 2 20
GMED11007 SS1 Review, Revision and Diploma Examination Semester 2 20
GMED11016 SV1 Sociology of Health and Illness Flexible 10
GMED11031 SS1 Stress, Hormones and Cognitive Ageing Semester 2 10
GMED11050 SS1 Surgical Emergencies & Trauma/ Anaesthesia & Sedation Flexible 20
GMED11013 SV1 The burden of diabetes in the developing world- epidemiology to strategic management Flexible 10
GMED11021 SV1 The global burden of mental illness Flexible 10
GMED11006 SS1 Transplantation and Tissue Banking Semester 2 20
GMED11059 SS1 Written Reflective Element Flexible 40
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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