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Earth Science

SCQF Level 08 (15 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
EASC08001 SV1 Earth Dynamics Semester 1 20
EASC08014 Earth Materials Not delivered this year 20
GESC08002 SV1 Earth Modelling and Prediction Semester 1 20
EASC08018 SS1 Earth Modelling and Prediction 2 Semester 2 20
EASC08022 SS1 Earth Science Fundamentals for Geophysicists Semester 1 10
EASC08024 SS1 Environmental Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface Semester 1 20
EASC08023 SV1 Evolution of the Living Earth Semester 1 20
EASC08021 SV1 Geomaterials Semester 1 20
EASC08007 Global Environmental Processes Not delivered this year 20
EASC08020 SV1 Global Tectonics and the Rock Cycle Semester 2 20
EASC08008 SV1 Introduction to Geophysics Semester 2 20
EASC08017 SV1 Introduction to the Geological Record Semester 2 20
EASC08011 SV1 Natural Hazards Semester 1 20
EASC08004 SV1 Oceanography Semester 2 20
EASC08016 SV1 Physics of the Earth Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 09 (24 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
EASC09035 SV1 Computational Modelling for Geosciences Semester 1 10
EASC09019 SV1 Earth and Planetary Structure Semester 2 10
EASC09045 SV1 Environmental Techniques and Applications Semester 2 10
EASC09040 SS1 Exploration Geophysics Semester 2 10
EASC09036 SS1 Field Course in Tropical Marine and Terrestrial Geoscience Semester 2 20
EASC09032 SV1 Field Skills for Earth Surface Scientists Flexible 10
EASC09031 SV1 Field Skills for Geologists Flexible 10
EASC09033 SV1 Fields and Waves Semester 2 10
EASC09050 SV1 Geochemistry Semester 2 10
EASC09029 SV1 Geology 3rd Year Field Courses Semester 2 10
EASC09038 SV1 Geophysical Inverse Theory Semester 2 10
EASC09027 Global Tectonics Not delivered this year 10
EASC09041 SV1 Helmsdale 3rd Year Field Excursion and Interpretation Exercise Semester 1 10
EASC09003 Hydrocarbons Not delivered this year 10
EASC09008 SV1 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology Semester 1 10
EASC09022 Introduction to Geophysical Fields and Waves Not delivered this year 20
EASC09021 SV1 Mathematical Methods for Geophysicists Semester 1 10
EASC09024 SV1 Measurement Techniques in Geophysics Semester 1 10
EASC09014 Metamorphic Petrology and Structure Not delivered this year 10
EASC09047 SV1 Quantitative Methods in Earth Sciences Semester 2 10
EASC09007 SV1 Quaternary Environmental Change Semester 1 10
EASC09037 SV1 Sedimentology Semester 1 10
EASC09042 SS1 Spain Fieldcourse: Mountain Building and Destruction Semester 2 10
EASC09002 SV1 Structural Geology Semester 1 10

SCQF Level 10 (49 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
EASC10073 SS1 Advances in Metamorphism Semester 2 10
EASC10072 Antarctica: Development of a Continent and its context in Rodian and Gondwana Not delivered this year 10
EASC10048 SV1 Applied Environmental Geochemistry Semester 1 10
EASC10099 SV1 Aquatic Systems Semester 1 10
EASC10069 SS1 Cyprus Excursion and Synoptic Practical for Geology and Physical Geographers Semester 2 20
EASC10068 SS1 Cyprus Excursion and Synoptical Practical for Geologists Full Year 20
EASC10043 SS1 Dissertation in Geology and Physical Geography Full Year 40
EASC10097 SV1 Dynamic Stratigraphy Semester 2 10
EASC10084 SV1 Earth Surface Processes Semester 2 10
EASC10098 SS1 Earth's Atmospheric Composition Semester 1 10
EASC10086 SS1 Environmental Geoscience 4th Year Field Course Semester 2 10
EASC10059 Environmental Geoscience Fieldwork and Synoptic Practical Examination Not delivered this year 20
EASC10009 SS1 Environmental Geosciences Projects Semester 1 40
EASC10049 SV1 Environmental Problems and Issues Semester 1 10
EASC10081 Evolution of the Modern Earth Not delivered this year 20
EASC10090 SV1 Evolution of the Modern Earth Semester 1 10
EASC10038 SV1 Exploration Seismology Semester 2 10
EASC10080 SV1 Formation and Evolution of Continents Semester 1 10
EASC10070 SV1 Frontiers in Geophysics Semester 2 10
EASC10089 SS1 Frontiers in Research Semester 2 10
EASC10011 SV1 Geology Dissertation Semester 2 40
EASC10079 SS1 Geology and Landscapes Semester 2 10
EASC10036 SV1 Geomagnetism Semester 1 10
EASC10085 SS1 Geophysical Techniques for Terrestrial Environmental Applications Semester 2 10
EASC10065 SV1 Geophysics Project Full Year 40
EASC10052 SV1 Geophysics Project 1 Semester 1 20
EASC10053 SV1 Geophysics Project 2 Semester 2 20
EASC10058 SV1 Geoscience Outreach Full Year 10
EASC10087 SS1 Geoscience Outreach and Engagement Flexible 20
EASC10050 SV1 Global Environmental Change Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
EASC10037 SV1 Global Geophysics Semester 2 10
EASC10015 SV1 Hydrocarbon Reservoir Quality Semester 2 10
EASC10093 SV1 Hydrocarbons and Geophysical Exploration Semester 2 10
EASC10082 SV1 Hydrogeology 1: Applied Hydrogeology Semester 1 10
EASC10077 SV1 Hydrogeology 2: Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Transport Semester 2 10
EASC10078 Hydrogeology 3: Field and Modelling Project Not delivered this year 10
EASC10016 Igneous Geochemistry Not delivered this year 10
EASC10095 SV1 Igneous Petrogenesis Semester 2 10
EASC10083 SS1 Marine Systems and Policies (UG) Semester 1 10
EASC10094 SV1 Ore Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry Semester 2 10
EASC10096 SV1 Palaeontology Semester 1 10
EASC10035 SV1 Seismology Semester 1 10
EASC10021 Tectonic Geomorphology Not delivered this year 10
EASC10022 SV1 Topics in Global Environmental Change Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
EASC10100 SS1 Topics in Palaeobiology and Evolution Semester 2 10
EASC10040 SV1 Transferable Skills for Geophysicists Semester 1 10
EASC10091 SV1 Volcanology Semester 2 10
METE10006 SS1 Atmospheric Science Field Skills Semester 1 10
GESC10001 Self-Designed Learning (10 credits; SCQF level 10; GeoSciences) Not delivered this year 10

SCQF Level 11 (6 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
EASC11003 SV1 Controlled Source Electro-Magnetic (CSEM) Methods Semester 2 10
EASC11001 Helmsdale MSc Field Excursion Not delivered this year 10
EASC11002 SS1 Hydrocarbon Reservoir Quality Semester 2 20
EASC11004 Hydrocarbons Not delivered this year 10
EASC11005 SS1 Scientific Computing Skills Semester 1 20
PGGE11193 Lake District Field Excursion MSc Not delivered this year 10
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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