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Business Studies

SCQF Level 08 (32 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
BUST08018 SV1 Applications of Finance Semester 2 20
BUST08032 SV1 Business Analytics and Information Systems Semester 2 20
BUST08005 SV1 Business Economics Semester 1 20
BUST08033 SV1 Business Research Methods I: Introduction to Data Analysis Semester 1 20
CMSE08002 Business Research Methods I: Quantitative Techniques Not delivered this year 20
BUST08031 SV1 Business Simulation Semester 2 20
BUST08038 SV1 Business Student-Led, Individually-Created Course (SLICC; summer) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 20
BUST08016 Business in the Arts I Not delivered this year 10
BUST08017 Business in the Arts II Not delivered this year 10
BUST08019 Business in the Arts Internship Project Not delivered this year 10
CMSE08001 SS1 Career Development Planning Semester 2 0
BUST08014 SS1 Computing for Business Full Year 0
BUST08025 Foundations of Business Not delivered this year 40
BUST08024 SS1 Fundamentals of Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship Semester 2 20
BUST08035 SS1 Global Challenges for Business Semester 1 20
BUST08027 SV1 Human Resource Management 2 Semester 2 20
BUST08002 SS1 Industrial Management 1 Semester 1 20
BUST08015 SV1 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Semester 2 20
BUST08009 SV1 International Business and the Multinational Enterprise 2B Semester 2 20
BUST08008 SV1 International Business: Globalisation and Trade 2A Semester 1 20
BUST08026 SS1 Introduction to Business Full Year 40
BUST08030 SS1 Introduction to Corporate Finance Semester 1 20
BUST08023 SS1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Semester 2 10
BUST08029 SS1 Introduction to Financial Markets Semester 2 20
BUST08007 Management Science and Information Systems Not delivered this year 20
BUST08004 SV1 Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST08028 SV1 Organisational Behaviour 2 Semester 1 20
BUST08037 SV1 Organising for Social Change: Creating Value and Impact Semester 2 20
BUST08034 SS1 PALs Leadership Development Semester 1 10
BUST08003 SV1 Principles of Finance Semester 1 20
BUST08021 Study Skills for Business Not delivered this year 0
BUST08036 SS1 The Business of Edinburgh Semester 2 20

SCQF Level 09 (1 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
BUST09001 SS1 Research in Management Semester 2 0

SCQF Level 10 (61 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
BUST10014 SV1 Advertising: Theories and Practice Semester 2 20
BUST10141 SV1 Analytical Decision Making with Games Semester 2 20
BUST10129 SV1 Applications of Human Resource Management Semester 1 20
ACCN10026 Behavioural Finance and Market Efficiency Not delivered this year 20
BUST10127 SV1 Brand Culture Semester 2 20
BUST10004 SV1 Business Ethics Semester 2 20
CMSE10003 SV1 Business Research Methods II: Applications and Analysis Semester 2 20
BUST10122 Business Strategies for International Growth Not delivered this year 20
BUST10077 SS1 Business Studies Long Essay Full Year 40
BUST10136 SV1 Business and Society: The Impact of Globalisation Semester 1 20
BUST10007 SV1 Consumer Behaviour Semester 1 20
BUST10012 SV1 Corporate Finance Semester 2 20
BUST10131 SV1 Creativity in Theory and Practice Semester 1 20
BUST10116 SV1 Critical Thinking in Marketing Semester 1 20
BUST10133 SV1 Decision Analytics Semester 1 20
BUST10013 Decision-Making under Uncertainty Not delivered this year 20
BUST10144 SV1 Digital Business Semester 2 20
BUST10130 SV1 Digital Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST10124 SV1 Economic Aspects of Competition Policy Semester 1 20
BUST10120 SV1 Enterprise Consultancy Project Semester 1 20
BUST10117 SV1 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation Semester 2 20
BUST10025 SV1 Financial Modelling with Excel Semester 2 20
BUST10033 SV1 Financial Services Marketing Semester 1 20
BUST10023 SV1 Futures and Options Semester 2 20
BUST10140 SV1 Global Creative Industries: The art of business and the business of art Semester 2 20
BUST10119 Green and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Not delivered this year 20
BUST10105 Human Resource Management: Current Issues and Controversies Not delivered this year 20
BUST10018 SV1 International Business in Emerging Markets Semester 2 20
BUST10121 International HRM and Comparative Employment Relations Not delivered this year 20
BUST10067 SV1 International Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST10104 International Strategic Management in Practice Not delivered this year 20
BUST10138 Investment and Securities Not delivered this year 10
BUST10032 SV1 Investment and Securities Markets Semester 1 20
BUST10128 Management Consulting Not delivered this year 20
BUST10049 SS1 Management Honours Dissertation Full Year 40
BUST10135 SV1 Management Science and Operations Analytics Semester 1 20
BUST10020 Management Science and Operations Planning Not delivered this year 20
BUST10113 SV1 Managing Across Borders and Cultures Semester 2 20
BUST10107 SV1 Managing Change Semester 2 20
BUST10028 SV1 Managing Employment Law Semester 2 20
BUST10008 Market Structure, Conduct and Performance Not delivered this year 20
BUST10118 SV1 Marketing Strategy Semester 2 20
BUST10108 Marketing and Society Not delivered this year 20
BUST10011 Mathematical Programming Not delivered this year 20
BUST10134 SV1 Mathematical Programming in Advanced Analytics Semester 2 20
BUST10039 SS1 Negotiation Semester 1 20
BUST10125 New Product Development Not delivered this year 20
BUST10092 SV1 Operations Strategy Semester 2 20
BUST10137 Psychology of Finance Not delivered this year 10
BUST10024 SV1 Quality Management Semester 1 20
BUST10132 Research Methods in Finance Not delivered this year 20
BUST10036 Risk Management Not delivered this year 20
BUST10142 SV1 Service Management in an International Context Semester 1 20
BUST10114 SV1 Services Marketing Semester 2 20
BUST10143 SV1 Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Semester 2 20
BUST10123 Strategic Leadership Development Not delivered this year 20
CMSE10002 SV1 Strategic Management Semester 1 20
BUST10126 The Business Response to Climate Change Not delivered this year 20
BUST10021 SV1 The Economics of Corporate Strategy Semester 2 20
BUST10115 SV1 The Entrepreneurial Manager Semester 1 20
BUST10034 SV1 The Management of Technology Semester 1 20

SCQF Level 11 (6 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ECNM11033 SV1 Business and Climate Change Semester 1 20
BUST11079 Dissertation (MSc Finance and Investment) Not delivered this year 60
BUST11119 SV1 Dissertation (MSc International Business and Emerging Markets) Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 60
BUST11225 SS1 Marketing of Services Semester 2 15
BUST11228 SS2 Translational Study - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass (Biz) Semester 2 20
LAWS11228 Financial Models and Derivatives in a Legal Context Not delivered this year 40
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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