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SCQF Level 08 (8 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
GEGR08003 SV1 Economic and Political Geography Semester 1 20
GEGR08001 SV1 Environmental Sensitivity and Change Semester 1 20
GEGR08009 SV1 Fundamental Methods in Geography Semester 1 20
GEGR08002 SV1 Geomorphology Semester 2 20
GEGR08007 SV1 Human Geography Semester 1 20
GEGR08010 SV1 Physical Geography Semester 2 20
GEGR08004 SV1 Social and Cultural Geography Semester 2 20
GESC08001 Earth Surface Systems Not delivered this year 20

SCQF Level 09 (10 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
GEGR09008 Geography Fieldwork: Foundations (Human) Not delivered this year 10
GEGR09017 SS1 Geography Fieldwork: Foundations (Human) Semester 1 10
GEGR09016 SS1 Geography Fieldwork: Foundations (Human): Cape Town Semester 1 10
GEGR09015 Geography Fieldwork: Foundations (Istanbul, Turkey) Not delivered this year 10
GEGR09009 SS1 Geography Fieldwork: Foundations (Physical) Semester 1 10
GEGR09007 SV1 Geography Small Research Project Block 4 (Sem 2) 10
GEGR09005 SV1 Qualitative Methods in Geography Block 1 (Sem 1) 10
GEGR09004 SV1 Quantitative Methods in Geography Block 2 (Sem 1) 10
GEGR09011 SV1 Research Design in Geography Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
GEGR09012 SV1 The Nature of Geographical Knowledge Semester 1 20

SCQF Level 10 (36 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
GEGR10124 SS1 Advanced Ethnography: Documenting City Life Semester 1 20
GEGR10122 Berlin Field Class Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10023 SS1 Catchment Water Resources Semester 2 20
GEGR10114 SV1 Development and Decolonization in Latin America Semester 1 20
GEGR10106 SV1 Divided Cities Semester 2 20
GEGR10102 SS1 Encountering Cities Semester 1 20
GEGR10123 SV1 Environmental Justice Semester 2 20
GEGR10094 SV1 Eroding Landscapes: Mountains, Hills and Rivers Semester 1 20
GEGR10121 SS1 Frontiers in Human Geography: Capital, Land & Power Semester 1 20
GEGR10112 Frontiers in Human Geography: Geographies of Development and Socionature Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10071 Frontiers in Physical Geography 2 Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10115 SV1 Geographies of Food Semester 1 20
EASC10088 Geographies of the Sea Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10053 SS1 Geography Dissertation Full Year 40
GEGR10111 SS1 Geography Dissertation in Sustainable Development Full Year 40
GEGR10064 SS1 Geography in the Archive Semester 1 20
GEGR10078 Geography of Wine Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10120 SV1 Geography, Science, Civil Society Semester 2 20
GEGR10075 SV1 Glacial Processes and Geomorphology Semester 1 20
GEGR10100 SS1 Human Geography Fieldwork: Journey to the Western Isles Semester 1 20
GEGR10119 SV1 Ice and Climate Semester 2 20
GEGR10125 SV1 Land and Landscape: Explorations in Society and Nature Semester 2 20
GEGR10108 SV1 Landscape Dynamics - techniques and applications Semester 2 20
GEGR10035 Minorities in Multicultural Society Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10107 SV1 People, landscape change and settlement: the last 15,000 years Semester 2 20
GEGR10072 SS1 Physical Geography Fieldwork: Iceland Semester 1 20
GEGR10087 SS1 Physical Geography Fieldwork: Scottish Highlands Semester 1 20
GEGR10101 Political Ecology Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10039 SV1 Principles of Geographical Information Science Semester 1 20
GEGR10055 SV1 Remote Sensing and Global Climate Change Semester 2 20
GEGR10113 SS1 Researching with media: ordinary, popular and indigenous people's knowledges Semester 1 20
GEGR10116 SV1 Space, place and sensory perception Semester 2 20
GEGR10105 SV1 The Geography of Health Semester 2 20
GEGR10079 SV1 Values and the Environment Semester 1 20
GEGR10103 SV1 Volcanoes, Environment and People Semester 2 20
GEGR10118 SV1 Writing Landscape Semester 2 20
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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