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Postgraduate Courses (School of GeoSciences)

SCQF Level 11 (105 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
PGGE11234 SV1 Technological Infrastructures for GIS Semester 1 20
PGGE11235 SV1 Active Remote Sensing: Radar and Lidar Semester 2 20
PGGE11083 SV1 Advanced Spatial Database Methods Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
PGGE11003 SV1 Applications in Ecological Economics Semester 2 20
PGGE11209 Applied Carbon Methods Not delivered this year 10
PGGE11217 SS1 Applied Carbon Methods (online) Semester 1 20
PGGE11255 SS1 Applied Research Skills in Environment and Society Semester 1 20
PGGE11134 SS1 Archives: History, Geography, Politics Semester 1 20
PGGE11007 SV1 Atmospheric Quality and Global Change Semester 1 20
PGGE11210 SV1 Business Geographics Semester 2 10
PGGE11141 SV1 Carbon Capture and Transport Semester 1 20
PGGE11219 SS1 Carbon Economics (online) Semester 1 20
PGGE11139 SV1 Carbon Storage and Monitoring Semester 2 20
PGGE11192 SS1 Case Studies in Sustainable Development Semester 2 20
PGGE11213 SS1 Climate Change & Corporate Responsibility (online) Block 5 (sem 2) 20
PGGE11126 SS1 Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Semester 1 20
PGGE11189 SS1 Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (Online) Semester 1 20
PGGE11127 SS1 Climate Change Management Full Year 20
PGGE11220 SS1 Climate Change Measurement (online) Semester 2 20
PGGE11207 SS1 Climate Change Mitigation (online) Semester 2 20
PGGE11160 SS1 Climate Change and Corporate Strategy Semester 2 20
PGGE11231 SS1 Corals in a Changing Ocean Semester 1 20
PGGE11211 SS1 Development: Principles and Practices Semester 2 20
PGGE11244 Disasters and Development Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11006 SS1 Dissertation - Ecological Economics Full Year 60
PGGE11051 SV1 Dissertation - Environment & Development Full Year 60
PGGE11119 SS1 Dissertation - Environment, Culture & Society Full Year 60
PGGE11008 SS1 Dissertation - Environmental Protection & Management Full Year 60
PGGE11057 SV1 Dissertation - Environmental Sustainability Full Year 60
PGGE11227 SS1 Dissertation in Applied Geology (Geoenergy) Full Year 60
PGGE11140 Dissertation in Carbon Capture and Storage Not delivered this year 60
PGGE11128 SS1 Dissertation in Carbon Management Full Year 60
PGGE11218 SS1 Dissertation in Carbon Management (online) Full Year 40
PGGE11224 SS1 Dissertation in Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management Full Year 60
PGGE11242 SS1 Dissertation in Energy, Society and Sustainability Full Year 60
PGGE11178 SS1 Dissertation in Food Security Full Year 60
PGGE11096 SS1 Dissertation in GIS Full Year 60
PGGE11252 SS1 Dissertation in GeoEnergy Full Year 60
PGGE11182 SS1 Dissertation in Soils and Sustainability Full Year 60
PGGE11206 SS1 Dissertation in Sustainable Plant Health Full Year 60
METE11001 Dissertation in Sustainable Resource Management Not delivered this year 60
PGGE11237 SS1 Ecological Economics Field Methods in Research and Practice Semester 2 20
PGGE11188 SS1 Ecosystem Values and Management Block 5 (Sem 2) and beyond 20
PGGE11247 SS1 Ecosystems and Global Change Semester 1 20
PGGE11185 SS1 Encountering Cities (PGT) Semester 1 20
PGGE11216 SS1 Energy & Climate (online) Block 5 (sem 2) 20
PGGE11172 SS1 Environmental Geochemistry Semester 1 10
PGGE11248 Environmental Governance Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11257 SS1 Environmental Governance and Policy Semester 2 20
PGGE11009 SV1 Environmental Impact Assessment Semester 2 20
PGGE11223 SS1 Environmental Valuation Semester 1 20
PGGE11243 SS1 Food, Animals and Society Semester 2 20
PGGE11204 SV1 Forensic Plant Health Semester 1 20
PGGE11025 SV1 Forests and Environment Semester 2 20
PGGE11004 SV1 Foundations in Ecological Economics Semester 1 20
PGGE11164 SS1 Frameworks to assess Food Security Semester 1 20
PGGE11203 SV1 Fundamentals of Plant Health Semester 1 20
PGGE11261 SS1 Future GeoEnergy Resources Full Year 20
PGGE11225 Future Geoenergy Resources Not delivered this year 10
PGGE11173 SS1 Geology for Earth Resources Block 1 (Sem 1) 10
PGGE11190 SS1 Global Environment Challenges Semester 1 20
PGGE11249 SS1 Human Dimensions of Environmental Change Semester 1 20
PGGE11130 Human dimensions of environmental change and sustainability Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11166 SS1 Interrelationships in Food Systems Semester 2 20
PGGE11250 SS1 Introduction to Environmental Modelling Semester 2 20
PGGE11193 Lake District Field Excursion MSc Not delivered this year 10
PGGE11010 SV1 Land Use/Environmental Interactions Semester 2 20
PGGE11256 Managing Environmental Change (including Fieldcourse) Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11258 Managing Environmental Change Professional Placement Not delivered this year 60
PGGE11254 SS1 Marine Ecosystems and Policies Semester 1 20
PGGE11202 SV1 Marine Field Methods in Research and Practice Semester 2 20
PGGE11201 Marine Infrastructure and Environmental Change Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11186 Marine Systems and Policies Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11214 SS1 Novel strategies for carbon storage in soil Semester 2 20
PGGE11106 SV1 Object Orientated Software Engineering: Spatial Algorithms Block 3 (Sem 2) 10
PGGE11016 SV1 Participation in Policy and Planning Semester 2 20
PGGE11241 SS1 Passive Earth Observation: New Platforms, Sensors, and Analytical Methods Semester 2 20
PGGE11205 SV1 Plant Health in a Global Context Semester 2 20
PGGE11260 SS1 Polar Oceans: Science and Policy Semester 2 20
GEGR11001 SV1 Political Ecology Semester 2 20
PGGE11233 SV1 Principles and Practice of Remote Sensing Semester 1 20
PGGE11060 SV1 Principles of Environmental Sustainability Semester 1 20
PGGE11238 SS1 Professional and Research Skills in Practice Full Year 20
PGGE11005 Project Appraisal Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11259 SS1 Project Design and Literature Analysis MSc Full Year 20
PGGE11138 SS1 Research Practice and Project Planning Full Year 20
PGGE11171 Research Project in Ecosystem Services Not delivered this year 60
PGGE11200 SS1 Research Project in Marine Systems and Policies Full Year 60
PGGE11232 SS1 Research and Practice: Fieldwork Semester 2 20
PGGE11144 SV1 Seismic Reflection Interpretation Semester 1 10
PGGE11221 SS1 Soil Ecology and Taxonomy Semester 1 20
PGGE11183 SS1 Soil Protection and Management Semester 1 20
PGGE11180 SS1 Soil Science Concepts and Application Semester 2 20
PGGE11236 SV1 Spatial Modelling and Analysis Semester 1 20
PGGE11226 SV1 Subsurface Reservoir Quality Semester 2 20
PGGE11165 SS1 Sustainability of Food Production Semester 2 20
PGGE11253 SS1 Sustainable Marine Development Semester 2 20
PGGE11145 Thesis, Project and Dissertation Not delivered this year 60
PGGE11187 SS1 Understanding Environment and Development Semester 1 20
PGGE11162 Understanding the City Not delivered this year 20
PGGE11114 SV1 Values and the Environment (P) Semester 1 20
PGGE11239 SV1 Visual Analytics Semester 2 20
PGGE11012 SV1 Waste Reduction and Recycling Semester 2 20
PGGE11018 SV1 Water Resource Management Semester 2 20
ENVI11002 SV1 Introduction to Three Dimensional Climate Modelling Semester 1 10
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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