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Degree Programme Table: Counselling Studies (MSc) (Full-time) (PTMSCCOUST1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2015/16, Starting month: September

This DPT has 5 compulsory course(s).

Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
CNST11011 Self and Other As available 20
CNST11012 Ethics, Boundaries and Supervision As available 20
CNST11014 MSc Dissertation (Counselling) As available 60
CNST12007 Between Counselling and Research 1: Approaches, Issues and Debates (L12) As available 20
CNST11066 Listening and Attunement As available 20

This DPT has 1 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

Overarching rule collection group: A  
Select exactly 40 credits from these collections:  

Select exactly 40 credits from the following list of courses, as available
Code   Course Name   Credits
CNST11034    Counselling Children and Young People   20  
IPHP11003    Global Politics of Public Health   20  
IPHP11002    Social Determinants of Health and Public Policy   20  
PGSP11070    Current Issues in Health and Illness Research   20  
PGSP11229    Intimate Relationships   20  
PGSP11024    Genetics, Nature and Society   20  
PGSP11047    The Anthropology of Death   20  
PGSP11063    Happiness: Cross-Cultural Perspectives   20  
PGSP11157    Survey Methods and Data   20  
PGSP11012    Listening to Children: Research and Consultation   20  
PGSP11188    Qualitative Methods and Ethnographic Fieldwork   20  
CNST11046    Living in the Aftermath of Death; Counselling Approaches to Bereavement   20  
CNST11047    Couple and Relationship Counselling 1   20  
NUST11054    Health Promotion: Philosophy, Principles and Theory   20  
NUST11045    Leadership across different health care contexts: achieving your potential   20  
NUST11059    Professional and Personal Development   20  
CNST11053    Body Talk: Embodiment, Physical Dialogue and Authentic Movement   20  
CNST11051    Sexualities and Genders in Counselling and Psychotherapy   20  
CNST12013    Between Counselling and Research 2: Qualitative Methodologies   20  
CNST11079    Autoethnographic Research Methods in the Social Sciences   20  
CNST11075    Creative Therapies with Children and Young People   20  
PGSP11377    Critical perspectives on mental health and well-being in the global south   20  
PGSP11429    Working with Self and Others in Qualitative Research: Theory and Practice   20  

Notes:Prerequisites apply to some of the optional courses. Optional courses may not be available every year.

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