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Degree Programme Table: Management (MSc by Research) (PRMSCMGMNT1F)

Year 1, Academic year 2011/12, Starting month: September

  • Notes: Please consult your Supervisor regarding all course choices. The Programme Handbook provides more details on course choices.

    This DPT has 4 compulsory course(s).

    Code  Course Name  Period  Credits 
    PGSP11016 Research Skills in the Social Sciences: Data Collection As available 20
    PGSP11208 Research Design As available 20
    CMSE11123 Supervised Reading Course As available 25
    CMSE11003 Dissertation (MSc by Research (Management) Mode C) As available 60

    This DPT has 2 set(s) of course options with the following rules.

    Select exactly 40 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    CNST11036    Conducting Research Interviews   20  
    PGSP11157    Survey Methods and Data   20  
    PGSP11188    Qualitative Methods and Ethnographic Fieldwork   20  
    PGSP11121    Narrative Text and Discourse   20  
    PLIT11002    Intermediate inferential statistics: testing and modelling   20  
    SCIL11009    Core quantitative data analysis 1 and 2   20  
    PGSP11017    Explanation and Understanding in Social and Political Research   20  
    PGSP11206    Ethical and Political Issues in Social Research   20  
    PGSP11218    Philosophy of the Social Sciences: The Analytic Tradition   20  

    Notes:Alternatively any other research methods course offered by the Graduate School of Social and Politicial Science as approved by your supervisor.

    Select a minimum of 15 credits and maximum of 20 credits from the following list of courses, as available
    Code   Course Name   Credits
    BUST11032    Advertising Management and Evaluation   10  
    ECNM11033    Business and Climate Change   20  
    BUST11005    Business Finance   10  
    ECNM11034    Carbon Economics   20  
    BUST11091    Corporate Strategy   10  
    BUST11012    Entrepreneurship and the Management of New Ventures   10  
    BUST11165    Global Strategy (MBA)   10  
    BUST11021    International Business   10  
    BUST11022    International Marketing   10  
    BUST11023    Investment and Securities Markets   10  
    BUST11133    Knowledge Assets and Intellectual Property for Competitive Advantage   10  
    BUST11162    Lean Business (MBA)   10  
    BUST11080    Management Knowledge 1   20  
    BUST11081    Management Knowledge 2   20  
    BUST11075    Managing Across Cultures   10  
    BUST11037    Negotiations   10  
    ACCN11001    Planning, Budgeting and Control   10  
    BUST11073    Project Management   10  
    BUST11019    Public Policy in a Small Open Economy   10  
    BUST11178    Public Services Management   10  
    BUST11068    Strategic Human Resources and the New Economics of Personnel   10  
    BUST11044    Strategic Management   10  
    BUST11048    Work Psychology   10  
    CMSE11091    Methods of Research   15  
    CMSE11094    Management of R&D and Product Innovation (MSc)   15  
    CMSE11095    Corporate Finance and Accounting   15  
    CMSE11087    Behavioural Finance and Market Anomalies   15  
    CMSE11112    Outward Investment from Emerging Markets   15  
    CMSE11097    Corporate Strategy (MSc)   15  
    CMSE11106    Investment Mathematics   15  
    CMSE11085    Research Methods in Finance   15  
    CMSE11127    Financial Markets   15  
    CMSE11100    Public Sector Financial Management   15  
    CMSE11086    Statistics For Finance   15  
    CMSE11101    Advanced Management Accounting   15  
    CMSE11103    Advanced Finance Theory   15  
    CMSE11096    Equity Valuation   15  
    CMSE11081    Foundations of Finance Theory   15  
    CMSE11082    Advanced International Accounting   15  
    CMSE11088    Derivatives   15  
    CMSE11109    Emerging Entrepreneurship in Africa: Opportunities and Obstacles   15  
    CMSE11124    Investment Management   15  
    CMSE11111    Developing Knowledge-based International Businesses in Emerging Economies   15  
    CMSE11090    The Entrepreneurial Manager (MSc)   15  
    CMSE11128    Global Strategic Management: Issues and Perspectives   15  
    CMSE11125    Managing Across Borders and Cultures   15  
    CMSE11084    Analysis of Corporate Financial Information   15  
    CMSE11080    Business Statistics and Forecasting   15  
    CMSE11121    Consumer Behaviour   15  
    CMSE11122    Credit Risk Management   15  
    CMSE11118    Data Mining   15  
    CMSE11107    International Marketing (MSc 15)   15  
    CMSE11115    Marketing And Society   15  
    CMSE11114    Marketing Applications   15  
    CMSE11113    Marketing Communications   15  
    CMSE11120    Marketing Decision Analysis   15  
    CMSE11119    Marketing Research   15  
    CMSE11117    Problem Solving and Spreadsheet Modelling Skills   15  
    CMSE11116    Product and Brand Management   15  
    CMSE11136    Current Debates in International Business and Emerging Markets   15  
    CMSE11130    Doing Business Projects in Emerging Markets   15  
    CMSE11129    Global Financial Markets and Emerging Economies   15  
    CMSE11105    International Marketing Strategy   15  
    CMSE11135    International Trade and Business Strategy   15  
    CMSE11110    Principles of Marketing Management   15  
    CMSE11131    The Business Response to Climate Change   15  


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